This is grave


MUSCAT — In one of the rarest cases reported among the expatriate community here, a middle-aged Indian woman strangulated her two children to death and made a futile attempt to kill herself. The children were students of the Indian School Muscat (ISM), and the mother, Priya, is an employee of the African Eastern Company, Ruwi. According to a friend of hers, Priya, who is a resident of Muttrah, herself called the police, friends and relatives, including those in India, and informed them about the barbaric act and her plans to end her life. The police and a friend who immediately rushed to her flat, managed to prevent her from committing suicide. The ‘Times’ did come across some missing links at the time of its enquiries, but eyewitnesses, including the caretakers of the buildings, pointed out that Priya had been taken into police custody between 8 and 8:30am, though the police had reached the spot approximately after 5am. Her dress was stained with blood while bruises were visible on the bodies of the children. With no official comment available on the tragic incident, the actual time and motive behind the gruesome act are not clear. According to some of the residents in the building, adding weight to speculations that it was a pre-planned murder, Priya, on Wednesday, asked her full-time resident maid to proceed on leave. According to the residents of the building, Priya did not mingle much with the other residents, though her son, Jerrmya or Jermy, as he was fondly called, was quite popular among his friends. His neighbour described the second standard student as a ‘cute little boy’. The name of his KG student sister is not known. Most of the residents were in a state of shock as Jermy and his sister were seen playing with their friends as recently as Wednesday and Thursday. Priya too had projected herself as a strong woman capable of taking difficulties of life in her stride. The family had moved to the ill-fated fifth-floor apartment only last year. Priya’s estranged husband is said to be staying in Dubai. Her parents in Thiruvalla, Kerala, were in a state of shock and unsure of the future course of action. She has two brothers, and one of them is in Abu Dhabi.

The above report is taken from Times of Oman

The above news shook the people of Oman. My neighbour, Mr. Kishore and I cannot stop thinking of this muderer mother

Patricia Routledge


Particia Routledge is a 79 year old English actress and singer. She is most famous for her role as Hyancith Buket (Bouquét) in the comedy sitcom Keeping Up Appearances. She plays a role of an upper-middle class lady who tries to baost herself in every issue.

She is also a great singer -- perhaps country side and classical opera and moreover despite of er over sized body she is a great dancer too.

She made a great contribution to the theatre of both UK and US.

I also like her in another dective series called Hetty Wainthropp Investigates in which she palys a high profile dectective with teenage Dominic Mchaggen (now a star). She is extremely beautiful even in her late sixties and her action cannot be explained in words.
Apart from these all she also acted in many movies.
I see no other actor who can do two different roles in the same years and make us feel that Hetty and Hyancith are two different people.

In telugu industry I think only late SuryaKantham can do so.

Juma Suq


Jumma Souk/ Friday Market/ Souq-Jumma

Wadi Kabir is famous among many foreign and local shoppers for hosting a weekly souk/ suq on Friday known as Souq Jumma or Friday Market.

When I first came to Wadi Kabir, I thought looking at the market from faraway, a congregation of women. (an illusion created by abayas/ burqas hung in the market). Eventually, I got used to going to this suq almost every week just to roam about.

The souq consists of Omani and Indian vendors who sell you from underwear to computers. It was very large in 2003-2005 but with the decline in purchasing power the market too shrinked. Vendors are provided with electric facility and sheds from the Mumcipality of Muscat. The souk consists of two larges sheds and an empty parking place to hold up to a hundred cars (yes they sell cars too)

This is famous among both Omanis and expats for many traditional and festive items are available at very low costs here.In Ramad'han season, the souk overflows with vendors coming from all regions with their goods like carpets, sheep, furniture, clothes and dates.

Even if you don't buy anything, just roam around and feel like a local with the simple life -- away from the mechanical life of apartments.

Anne Robinson


You might know her. She is the most famous and meanest quiz master (or quiz mistress).

At the age of 63, she holds the place of one of the most powerful women in the world.
She is criticised for abusing and shouting at her contestants of Weakest Link (the quiz show she host in BBC Prime) and therefore nick-named as the Queen of the Mean.

This pint sized woman is an alcoholic and a bad mother of a 30 year old divorced daughter.
She wrote two books, one her autobiography -- Memoirs of an Unfit mother (odd name)
She speaks English very fast, without stop.
In the quiz, apart from winning, the contestants inner goal is also to make her laugh which she does very rarely.

She is famous for saying "You're the weakest link. GoodBye."

Judi Dench


Judi Dench

My favourite comedian and actress for her role as Jeanne Hardcastle in comedy sitcom of BBC Prime As Time Goes By. She plays a role of a widow who is fussy and finds her teenage lover after 38 years of separation.

Judi in Mrs Henderson Presents
She has a talent of playing any kind of role, she once played a widow mother of a dead solider in her Oscar nominated film Mrs. Henderson Presents or Mme. Henderson Présente (fr) in which she runs a theatre for soldiers with young girls. She also played the role of M in James Bond films from 1995.

She speaks a kind of Scottish-London accent English. Her voice, dialogue deliverance, body language all are perfect....tuning of centuries

I like her most in her role as Queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare in Love of 1998.

She is a widow and has an obsession of Shakespeare. She contributed a lot to the Theatre of England and Theatre of Comedy
Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer from As time goes by
 If there is one such actress in India, I would have loved watching Indian movies and serials. Unfortunately the present TV serials are nothing but the endless fights between families and the movies are just a bunch of nude pics. I am waiting for some gigantic change to come...

Audrey Tautou


Audrey Tautou in Amélie (2001)
You might have recognised her. She is the actress who played Sophie Nevue in DaVinci Code.

Audrey Tautou is a French actress who came to limelight in France with her first cinéma Amélie. (2001). Amélie tells us about a young girl who helps everyone without givign time to herself and her love. After that, she became known thorughout the world with her role of Sophie Nevue in DaVinci Code in 2006.

She is known for her simple mode of action and her beautiful smile.

I like her for simplicity in action

Moving On


Today, I came to know of the dates by which I will be setting my feet on my sweet motherland.
Somehow, I am eager than any other year to be back there in India. Normally, I feel some kind of uneasiness when I have to leave Muscat. But ths time I wanted to prepone the dates.

Anyway, I will not be in Muscat from 29 of June to 3rd of November.

In India, I may be travelling by train from Mumbai to Hyderabad. This long journey which I did more than 3 years ago. This train journey exposes me to the natural beauty of my varieted India.
Hope to get lots of pics and vids through this.



my present favorite song : Bubbly Collbie Caillet

ME and MY musique


My hero Albus Dumbledore said "music is beyond the magic done by any"
I surely think it is. I am no sperate from the music I hear
I moslty listen to english and french (at times Italian). I am very selective about choosing my favourites songs. Over a period of 3 years I have collected only 150 songs
Under this label Iwill post my favorite songs from time to time

my name is Bobby. I live in Wadi Kabir in Muscat. I am 18 years old and had been living in Oman sice 2000.
Though an Indian by birth and nationality, I never felt foreign here. It does not mean I hate India but I somehow feel homely in this peaceful counrty.
I have been living in Wadi Kabir since 2002. I love this silent place where beauty lies in neem trees to evening gossip groups.
I belong to Yanam in India -- a growing city (ot town) more than Yanam I like my country side like Pédapudi and Mettakur. I also like Hyderabad to stay for few days but not to live.

Eternal Beam


  • Eternal beam

    To find comfort
    Even in the death’s lap
    Is the man’s life’s flop
    Few are those who wait
    Many are those who fear
    Rare are those who ignore
    And at death’s roar
    They blink wisely.
    And, in the pulley
    Of deaths and births
    We seek mirth’s
    Kingdom to find again
    That life is a myth -In drain
    Of laughs and cries
    For none in real dies
    For none is really born
    So why is our life so torn?
    Amidst cruelty and duality
    Filled with men of so low quality!
    Answers are found
    Deep in hearts’ bound
    With love and respect
    For they are the real prospect
    Of the mans’ awakening
    Then starts the breeze
    Anew with pure intentions
    And a world with no detentions
    In such world alone we find Him
    In the form of eternal thought beam
    For only then we welcome even death
    Just like the mirth

This is my first poem written last march. I think it is my best poem also