Eternal Beam


  • Eternal beam

    To find comfort
    Even in the death’s lap
    Is the man’s life’s flop
    Few are those who wait
    Many are those who fear
    Rare are those who ignore
    And at death’s roar
    They blink wisely.
    And, in the pulley
    Of deaths and births
    We seek mirth’s
    Kingdom to find again
    That life is a myth -In drain
    Of laughs and cries
    For none in real dies
    For none is really born
    So why is our life so torn?
    Amidst cruelty and duality
    Filled with men of so low quality!
    Answers are found
    Deep in hearts’ bound
    With love and respect
    For they are the real prospect
    Of the mans’ awakening
    Then starts the breeze
    Anew with pure intentions
    And a world with no detentions
    In such world alone we find Him
    In the form of eternal thought beam
    For only then we welcome even death
    Just like the mirth

This is my first poem written last march. I think it is my best poem also

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