It is 4.56 am here. I was awake from 2am and now I having a headache coz of the lack of sleep. Apart from my insomnia, there is one more issue which disturbs not only mine sleep but most of the wadikabirans.
Wadi Kabir is a peaceful colony filled with pavements, gardens and families. For whatever reason there is also a bar located amid this colony. And unfortunately my building is right in front of this bar. The two buildings are divided by only parking place.
The pub/bar hotel is very famous among Omanis and expats. Everyday many Omanis and expats visit this. The business is mostly active at night times starting from 10pm goes until 2-3am. There is no problem when the bar was a BAR in 2003-2006 but in 2006 they introduced dance club and special late night concerts with no consideration to the residents.

In later part of 2006, this hotel started giving out girls (and rumored gays/boys too) for its customers. It became a common sight to see some Filipino or Indian come out of hotel in some skirt and climb into a car. I do not know what happened in 2007 as I was in India but when I came back, the hotel's management changed. I was happy to see no more girls / guysoutside and no more loud music.

But then there arose another problem. With the habit of alcohol on increase with both Omanis and expats, many times they get over drunk and start fighting outside the hotel. This has become a nuisance for the residents as in their fights, they sometimes destroy property like car panes or glass doors.
Yesterday night was particularly horrible. The fight arose between 4 omanis. They started beating each other until the bodyguards intervened. The 4 Omanis then started beating the bodyguards and started to run away but the bodyguards chased three of them and started beating them. In the meantime the staff of the hotel was outside and many were peeping out of their windows. Until the police arrived the shouts did not go down.
May be other residents might have gone to sleep but I and insomniacs like me had a blanche-nuit (white night)
Nobody neither Omani nor expats have ever bothered to complain. When we and our neighbors complained in 2006 about the loud music and drunkards sleeping and peeing in the fire exit of the building, the manager asked us to install gates and locks for the fire exit entrance. ( how stupid)
p.s i wrote this in English US.

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