Take another one


Oh most unlike
And we never alike
But still in amour’s bleak
Like the hidden birds of coop,
Hearts are one, alas alikeness is a loop
Of fire to forget, or to pass

So let be there a difference
And live away in distance
For most unlike, the sameness
Keeps up apart, but your caress
Will always vibrate my heart’s core
Never was a love of this kind before

A pure form, or formless
For we both are not heartless
Now in black shroud I lay
Within the walls of clay
And you too lay
In the walls of vie
But when will you see
For I am always with you
Within you

Like the sun set
Or like the sea’s fret,
We now seem indifferent,
But still love flows in undercurrent

Oh pity those who seek love as a desire
For they face the results so dire,

Love is a need,
Not of greed, not a deed
Of bodily union
But of two hearts collision
For then is the way to feel
The eternity in you and in all


This poem is dedicated to my..............................
I just love it
vie -- life (fr)


Raphael said...

you're in muscat?
which school, what place?
i spent my childhood there.. perfect place..i miss it every now and then.. sigh!

good beginning. may u go ahead with just as beautiful poems and thoughts..

bolloju ahmad ali baba said...

nice poem. deep thoughts mingled with emotions. you need not say kidding. let the readers percieve what they comprehend.