Things we can't live without...


The following article is taken from the magazine France Label - a french info-cultural mag.
You can get this from Centre Franco Omanias for free. This month's edition covers Books and People.
The following are the words of the French writer Gilles LaPouge

"When I was a child, each book seemed magic to me. One day, a man put some small marks on a piece of paper and then these black marks went into hibernation. But all that was needed was the ray of light for the extraordinary world to unfold. I saw the most modest book shop as a shop of miracles.
A book is the flimiest of mechanisms and nothing is more robust than it. Throw this trifling device into a cellar or attic. Forget it for a thousand years, then blow off the dust that covers your incunabula, turn its pages, and the minute instruments begins to make noise. Invisible connecting rods and pistons crank. It is like heart that begins to beat again.
beneath your eyes a fantastic opera arises, a woman weeps or dances, an entire family moves around a house, a war breaks between two countries, a storm breaks over the sea, and a wind moves forest..............."

I have not read his books but what he says abve is I think an universal truth.

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