c'est la vie!


It seem as though it had been eons I had posted anything!
Well I am India with my brother-in-law and sister. It is not the first time or new for me staying in the countryside of India, but this year of my visit was cool and beautiful.
The village where I was staying called Pedapudi is an petite ville full of farmers. I'm very attached to this peaceful recluse.
My own native place the Union territory called Yanam was special for me, but today when I visit it after nearly a decade it is so changed or as others call it is so developed. I accept it is developed but with so many new people and extensions..........Yanam has lost its --what's the phrase-- charm. It looks to my eyes as some camp of industrial people. Such change is I know for the welfare of the people but I wish something was done to retain the antiqueness of the city and the level of immigrants.
The present place I am staying is Samalkot, it is a beautiful place with gentle people. I like the place but wish it was neater. The village is famous for its money lenders and footwear. there is still some remains of the village lifestyle in this yet developing town. I wish they remain intact.