Me+Telugu = Dilemma


Suddenly I can't speak Telugu> I have never lost touch with my mother language in the whole 19 years I have lived in Oman and all of a sudden I can't speak it nor can I understand it.
It had been two months odd I came here to India and my Telugu seems to get worse!
If I speak I speak stringing words or unconsciously shift into other languages. It is a bit worrisome while others seems to enjoy my new childish Telugu!
I was at a local Cd rental shop and I could not read the petite letters in the catalog so I asked him to show the Cd's so I could choose from the covers. And the person felt it was something nice ( a disability to read their own mother tongue).
I am not at ease with the family members too! I quakle somewhere in the speech and forget about reading anything. Oh God even illiterate is better than me.
The only sol -- MOM yup I am coming to lurn Telugu

Sound Pollution


Finally after many days, it is sunny -- and I am spending much time outside in the sun!
We are having a great time with my sis's son
But once outside on the road, I am pretty scared coz of the heavy traffic which seems to pour on me from all the sides and the sound pollution which makes road worse than airports. Before, there were sounds assigned for lorries seperate and bikes. Now the flamboyant horns of lorries are attached to bikes. Therefore the bikes sound like heavy vehicles which literally drives anyone pale!
The governmnet should do something about this sound pollution -- actually speaking people should think of it themselves. Before people are adversly. And they should introduce seat belts too.

Les bonheures of life


It was on 25th of August, my sister gave birth to a baby boy and from then on the whole family is quite busy with celebrations and ceremonies.
He is of course very cute like his parents. Here is the pic for you:

Chaotic Dasavataram


I normally do not see any Indian film for all of them seem same to me. But it was yesterday, after continuous pestering from my bava (bro-in-law), we went to this movie called Dasavataram.
The only reason I accepted the offer is that, the hero plays ten roles in this movie.
So by evening we were in the hall smelling of rotten socks, and the movie started -- and after 2h35m I didn't understand a thing!
Well the movie is about a biotechnologist named Govind working in US, who invented a germ which could kill anyone instantly. After realising the effects of this biological bomb he decided to kill the germ but as his boss does not accept it, Govind runs with the germ culture and somehow arrives in India. For more info go here

Well that story was good and it is based on Chaos theory. And it seems too chaotic to comprehend unless one watrhces it twiuce ot thirce. So it is agan one of those boring movies.

And I do not see this movie as something that teahes anything to me. I wish people who are making movies and wacthing them go to some sensible and realistic ones -- one which are based on daily life of someone or on human values not on guns and weapons. Indians shoud come out of the view that hero shgould be muscular and he save the world from peril or achieve something abnormal in life or make make his enemies fly in air.

If we wacth a movie we should remember it for the lifetime and in the present Telugu moviue world, there is not even one such movie. I bet!

Angry in India


Today can be perfectly called the bad day for me. First of all it was so sultry here and I am suffering from blisters on my skin. Added to that there is pain in my right leg, so today morning I went to the doctor and there was a throng of people there as usual. The guy who sends the patients to doc sent the ones who came after me, ignoring me. I cannot understand how he cannot see a 6 foot tall fat man!
Well so by midday I am out with medicines back at home. When I reached home, I found that my laptop's top had been scratched by someone and it drove me crazy. I could not sleep properly as my house owner was doing some drilling work in the backyard. Why has she got only the afternoon? Anyway I don't get sleep in the night and she's spoiling the afternoon one too.

So by evening, I had puffy eyes and couldn't concentrate what I am reading. And it's night now and I am suffering from a terrible headache. And the house could not keep her mouth shut and started lecturing about the side effects of obesity and ways to avoid and cure it.
What the fcuk!
Grave -- it seems I will start to abhor my life.

Eid Mubarak!


I know Ramadan started in Oman>
AH! Imagining the peaceful atmosphere prevailing in Oman is so relaxing to the sultry and busy over polluted and populated life here. I wish I was there. I am not a Muslim, but our Brahmani Hindu family is inclined towards Islam. It somehow means we are clinging on the thread between Islam and Hinduism. Whatever it is, I love Ramadan, like the peaceful minds and the joyful Iftars. When I was in school in Oman, I used fast along with my Muslim friends. It was fun and ....... I think holy.
In India, it is pretty different to what Ramadan is. For you do not see any visible changes in the
social manners. Because India is a secular country, she has tolerate all the region's rituals and faith in itself at the same time not disturbing the other social groups. In the place I am living I have not yet seen a mosque nor heard the Hazaan or Prayer Call ...odd!
Well, today is an Hindu festival too, called Vinayak Chaturdhi! For this fete, one prays to the Lord Vinayaka especailly students and youth for knowledge. They pray to the idols of Lord Vinayaka, made with mud. After a week or two, they emerge the idols in the nearby river. I followed this fete I think 11 years back. The odd part is that few celebrate this fete only for the show the bigger the idol, the bigger the flamboyancy..blah..blah.
I knew of an athiest who used say "You do not even need to pray if you do good things to others or else even if you spend your life in prayer while harming others and desiring worldy riches, it is useless." Many times, when I look people using others' faith and relgious beliefs for their advantage, I remember my friend.