Chaotic Dasavataram


I normally do not see any Indian film for all of them seem same to me. But it was yesterday, after continuous pestering from my bava (bro-in-law), we went to this movie called Dasavataram.
The only reason I accepted the offer is that, the hero plays ten roles in this movie.
So by evening we were in the hall smelling of rotten socks, and the movie started -- and after 2h35m I didn't understand a thing!
Well the movie is about a biotechnologist named Govind working in US, who invented a germ which could kill anyone instantly. After realising the effects of this biological bomb he decided to kill the germ but as his boss does not accept it, Govind runs with the germ culture and somehow arrives in India. For more info go here

Well that story was good and it is based on Chaos theory. And it seems too chaotic to comprehend unless one watrhces it twiuce ot thirce. So it is agan one of those boring movies.

And I do not see this movie as something that teahes anything to me. I wish people who are making movies and wacthing them go to some sensible and realistic ones -- one which are based on daily life of someone or on human values not on guns and weapons. Indians shoud come out of the view that hero shgould be muscular and he save the world from peril or achieve something abnormal in life or make make his enemies fly in air.

If we wacth a movie we should remember it for the lifetime and in the present Telugu moviue world, there is not even one such movie. I bet!

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