Eid Mubarak!


I know Ramadan started in Oman>
AH! Imagining the peaceful atmosphere prevailing in Oman is so relaxing to the sultry and busy over polluted and populated life here. I wish I was there. I am not a Muslim, but our Brahmani Hindu family is inclined towards Islam. It somehow means we are clinging on the thread between Islam and Hinduism. Whatever it is, I love Ramadan, like the peaceful minds and the joyful Iftars. When I was in school in Oman, I used fast along with my Muslim friends. It was fun and ....... I think holy.
In India, it is pretty different to what Ramadan is. For you do not see any visible changes in the
social manners. Because India is a secular country, she has tolerate all the region's rituals and faith in itself at the same time not disturbing the other social groups. In the place I am living I have not yet seen a mosque nor heard the Hazaan or Prayer Call ...odd!
Well, today is an Hindu festival too, called Vinayak Chaturdhi! For this fete, one prays to the Lord Vinayaka especailly students and youth for knowledge. They pray to the idols of Lord Vinayaka, made with mud. After a week or two, they emerge the idols in the nearby river. I followed this fete I think 11 years back. The odd part is that few celebrate this fete only for the show off..like the bigger the idol, the bigger the flamboyancy..blah..blah.
I knew of an athiest who used say "You do not even need to pray if you do good things to others or else even if you spend your life in prayer while harming others and desiring worldy riches, it is useless." Many times, when I look people using others' faith and relgious beliefs for their advantage, I remember my friend.

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