Are you safe?


From the time I arrived in Muscat, there has been one thing that goes unaltered:

5:00 pm: I look out of my window, looking the building opposite mine.
exactly at this same time a thin guy in brown shorts (he has been wearing those for weeks) walks with his laptop and sits in parking area of the opposite building.
5:30 pm: He is there now talking with his earphone and adjusting the screen of his laptop.
7:00 pm: He is still there and frantically typing something
8:00 pm: He is still there
8:30 pm: He leaves

When I first saw, I thought he was just using his laptop, but I realised later he was actually HACKING a WiFi -- he hacked and using it illegally.
Now we all have broadband connection with those wireless modems but it seems many don't know how to protect them from brown short guys.
I then ran a network search for WiFis and found 2 wireless network in my area. It is dangerous if they are left unlocked, especially the office ones, they could lead to disasters.
And even they are locked with security standards like WEP or WPA , it is useless. They can be hacked very easily if one has the right knowledge and a good laptop. And it seem in Oman WEP is used which is outdated and most easliy hackable.
There are many softwares available on the net (and those sites aren't blocked by Omantel) which can hack any WiFi. These softwares can absorb data packets and decode the key for your network and once the hacker is in the network he can do anything he wants. This may cost you more than one can imagine. And don't think that your Windows is going to protect you or show you the hacker on the network -- it won't-- there are ways how one can hide within the network. Hackers are everywhere and be careful with your data.
Apart from fucking your data, he will use your internet and causing you to pay high amounts. Internet in Oman is costly and we know how good it is with half the sites blocked. In India it is cheap (you get unlimited for less than OR5) and there too many use it hacked. I don't think there is yet any law to fuck these guys both in India and Oman.

Don't worry if you are having a wireless, click here to learn how to protect it.
I still feel, having a wired connection is better, though it limits mobility for laptop users, it is safe -- for this sole reason I have network wires running throughout my home.


Um Naief said...

thanks for stopping by my blog.

interesting subject here... for many in bahrain camp outside of coffee shops and other stores w/ their laptops (in the car), typing away and such... w/out paying the fee from inside or hacking the WiFi like you mentioned.

thankfully my hubby knows all about this stuff and is a legal hacker (took a course) and knows how to protect us from such things... but many don't.

again, thanks for stopping by my blog. hope to see you again. :)

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