Back in Muscat


It had been nearly a week I and my mom have arrived in Muscat from Hyderabad. I wasn't so well on health so I did not post anything.
We came from the new airport at Hyderabad built earlier this year --somewhere in March. The airport is located away from the city at a distance of 25 kms -- it is a huge distance to travel in the heavy traffic roads of India.
that is the pic inside the airport

From my home it took me nearly 2 hours to reach there.
Coming to the airport -- it is huge like some giant but for some reason it wasn't that beautiful despite of the glass work and the special decoration for Diwali ( they put lamps and lights everywhere making it look like Lulu ).The staff was good and helpful after a wait of 1 hour or so we were into the waiting gate. Now they are some duty free shops scattered at the gates so my mom and I went (obviously) into the book shop -- I bought a couple of books and my mom bought some novels and poetry.
The books I bought are:
The Best of Speaking Tree -- Vol 2

Indian Cooking by some Gujarati.
Then we both had coffee there. At a rather oddly named -- The coffee beans and tea leaf. the coffee was good though.

Ok so the gates were opened and here starts the whole problem.
I hate air-travel for it gives me ear ache like hell. My ears are extra sensitive to the hi frequency waves of the plane and the pain leads to total discomfort. It takes a day or two to let the pain go away after the travel. Though I was in the plane for just 2 n 1/2 hours -- it was pure hell.
Anyway I am alright now and happy in Muscat where air is crisp and happiness is everywhere.


Jet Driver said...

The airport in Hyderabad is very nice indeed.

Was very impressed at how they handled our arrival a while ago. Nice facilities, a spanking new runway and a nice terminal to park beside.

Unfortunately, the air traffic controllers are still the same.
And the lack of computerised billing, and the carbon paper and the looking for bribes. 3000 USD one day with no invoice or receipt was given the big "Fuck Off" by yours truly.

Sat waiting for an hour until they finally gave in and did what they were supposed to do.

Incredible India......isn't that what they are calling it now?

One feels a rant coming on!

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