Google Images blocked


It is not opening - I am getting the infamus omantel message! WHY?
probably I am going wacth nude pics.............grrrrrrr.........I need pictures for my neighbours son............picutes of animals!
Fuck Omantel! What do they want - sexless Omanis and Indians?


Nzingha said...

never know pictures of animals can be sexual to some. I'm having a problem with google overall can't get the search engine to load at all. Maybe it is googles side??

Bobby said...

I am getting the notice from Omantel!
I am really furious!

Sabra said...

Welcome to my world, Bobby! I am constantly amazed at all of the sites which are blocked here - for whatever reason. Always good to have a "babysitter" looking out for your best interests, isn't it? Nzingha says get Orbit - no blocking. I think we have another three months to our Showtime contract though before we can switch.

Bobby said...

What worries me is that it is not going to do anything -- I have nearly 3 gay couples and 2 prostitution houses and a slut right in my own locality!!!!
It is useless to block internet and don't care bout whats going on in the society.
I am eager to get the Orbit.........going to find more details

Muscato said...

Glad to know that you live in a diverse neighborhood!

But don't get too excited about the Orbit possibilities - not on offer here in the Sultanate. Your best bet is finding a proxy around the Omantel filter, although even the best are slow and annoying.

Bobby said...

Annoying - Really annoying and they are so slow! I tried once and felt too lazy to try again