Normally I complain that people get so noisy on weekend but this time I was the who was in noisy mood
Why? I don't know. May be I wanted a break from my from my monotonous life.
So I get into this mood, I like roaming about....I decided to go to Juma Suq, it is nearest to my house and I wanted to be near to my house after the freaking things happening to me on roads!!!
Well I went to Juma Suq, nothing much to buy, what I will buy - abayas? I roamed and roamed and bought couple of Omani perfumes, I love perfumes especially the strong Omani scents!
I also bought myself a couple of shorts and track pants - I am really amazed to find my size in a suq normally don't find them even in CC or Lulu. They were damn cheap so I wouldn't care even if they didn't last longer. My neighbors met me in the suq, they were too buying clothes, so we all had popcorn and drinks (me -Diet) and had great time walking in the wadis.
So by midday I am in the house. And then.....going against the normal Indian Television Science, one Channel showed a fave movie of mine! I enjoyed the movie and to add cream to this wonderful day I was asked to babysit my neighbor's son....Ok I love babysitting and children until they don't harm my laptop and books! So I spent the whole evening with this 7 year old cutie and taught him how to type and blah blah!! Its fun whatever!
I had really good sleep yesterday, I was asleep before 12pm - I can't believe it!!!! Without aspirins or cold pads or anything - sleep! Ah! I am so happy today...
I hope you too had a gr8 weekend
I didn't get time to blog from morning as I was struck with a job-work (yea I work part time) on "TCP/IP name resolution"...I am near to banging my head!


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