I love this guy! I love trains and 2 more accidents in Wadi Kabir


I just received an email from my sister in India.
She has sent me the pictures of her baby boy and herself. Dad and Mom are staring unblinkingly at the pictures. They are smiling and giggling to themselves looking at Rose's pictures (Rose is a nick-name he isn't yet named).

Dad: Doesn't Rose look like his mother?
Mom: Yeah she was like him! so much?
Me: What?
Mom: Look at his smile!! He's so cute!
Dad: Yea! So cute!
Me: Where? I don't see him smiling!
Mom: SHUT UP! He is sooo cute!

I love the picture, both my sis and Rose look so alike in this picture. Don't mind the spot on Rose's nose -- it is just a spot of surma/ khol kept to ward of evil looks -- pretty common in India.
Well I am glad that all are fine in India and I would soon join my sis and her family to a tour to Tirupathi -- the costliest temple of the world. Though I am nowhere interested in the temple and in-existent God (I am an atheist who also knows philosophy of Yoga so bear with my two opposite faces) but I love the flora and fauna there. Many plants which are said to be extinct in other parts of the world.
It would also mean I would be travelling by trains till there! I love trains may be because they are aren't present in Oman. Every year we used to take flight till Mumbai and then travel by train for nearly 40 hours up till my native place Yanam. It was kinda long fun ride.
I love the food I get to eat. The people i get to meet and at times the pictures I like to take. And I sleep peacefully in train coz of the rocking sensation. If there is one thing hated in trains, it would be crowd and stinky shit smell at the stations.
However my dad and sis just hate trains! If they want (or have to)to travel they always book themselves in 1st class AC or no train travel. At once I remember me and mom in the general reservation compartment while my sis and dad were in AC compartment. I hate AC compartment coz the time I am in India it will be raining so all the AC compartments smell of socks or rotten eggs. And you don't get anyone to talk or look through those dark glass opaque windows.
IT is nearly 1 am and I am noway near sleep but gotta try! And yeah there had one more accident at Muz'marah Roundabout (Wadi Kabir R/A) and one more at Rawasco in WK. Again none was hurt but had caused a traffic jam! Love these drivers (Indians! Malayalis!) for making me walk from Rawasco through all the dirty gullies (lanes)! Fuck you both ! can't you both just look and drive
written at 12:00 am on Thursday night


Sabra said...

He is a beautiful little boy! My gosh. Look at the FULL head of hair...

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