The orgins of Bobby


In my last visit to India, I visited our old house where no one now lives. Rummaging through the time and dust, I was able to find some things which are priceless in my view. One of such things is a bag full of albums. I brought them to Muscat so I could scan them and upload to that the pics all available to all my family members around the world. So whilst scanning, I found these pics of mine:
1) Me n my grandma (dad's mom)

Don't I look cute! I was only 6 months at that time. Bobby is the name given by her. She has named every grand-child of her with names starting with "B"
This is in the garden behind our house. Grandma was obsessed with gardening.(By the time I grew up, the garden wasn't this full and vibrant) she maintained 3 gardens with the house. All of them cleverly designed and grown.

She was a farmer, businesswoman, investor and knew French! She died in 2005 coz of cancer.

2) My sis

So that was my sis somewhere in early 90s. She looks so much like her son right Look at her hands, I am gonna make her look this page! LOL!

I am surrounded by more than 100 photos. I am continuously scanning, photoshopping them. Some need so much work to be done! So lot of work to keep me busy throughout night.
If you also have got old photos, do scan them in to PC and upload them to Picasa or Flickr...

If I get time...I will post some more pics soon!


Raphael said...

ha ha!
a fun post. u and ur sis look cute and chubby!
looking forward to more fotos!

jana z. said...

oh i wish you would have posted more pics bobby!!! pics are so valuable i swear. ive often thought what i would grab if my house were on family, my car keys and money and my pictures.

i love this pic of you with your grandma in the vibrant.