A Saint's Cry


All I await is the return

Of my inner saint, let my body burn

Under the harshness of karma

All  I seek is the divine coma


Neither in lofty mountains

Nor in book's mountains

He does stay


Like the large stars

Twinkle less from far

He makes me lonely,

Never tells me clearly

What He plans

And here I suffer pains


Rare are those who seek Him

Few are those who sought Him

For He is the most nearest

And he is the most distant of all

I ask Him to undo my fall


Not as easy as it seems

Hard is to cut the worldly beams

Alas if my principles hold true

Hope I would get out of worldly bleu

Soon, oh God, make it sooner,

Please get me out of this world, so loner


You test me or detest me

I do not know

But let me seek the holy vow

I cry for you, not for satisfaction,

But for gratification,

You seem lost now, never bothered like ever.

Neither can I live

Nor can I die

All I ask is a kiss from cosmic

After so many days, I ended up with this poem! I think it can be better but I am impatient.

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