studying leisure


Yep I mean it! 
Muscat International School has given an assignment on Leisure Studies of UK. My neighbour, Sarah who is a student in MIS gave the book to me for causal reading.
THE book is written by Linda and published by Collins. Among all the books I have read this book is the crappiest of all.
 I can't just understand why would anyone want to know how much percentage of old people of UK are watching cooking channels or how many are pursuing gardening as their hobby! It is a huge book of 175 pages containing all such useless information about the leisure activities. In the point of practicality the benefited of this book are those people who in the industry of hotel and tourism. And Gods knows why Sarah is reading such kind of crap! when she is studying economics in that blessed school.
Coming to the book, it seems it has done a lot of research into this subject and gone to an extent of finding out how many people visit spas and how many TV sets are there in UK. i can bear till the number of hotels, recreational clubs but.......

So, Iam studying my parents who are engaged in 2 leisure activities -- TV watching and playing scrabble on line
here are the observations: 
TV watching:  30 hours per week(!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Online Scrabble: 14 hours per week. 
and ya Italians also spend same amount of time before their tv sets! 
Ideal parents aren't they? 

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