Terror strikes Mumbai..


I am really sad and shocked at the state of Mumbai. The news channels are bombarding the info like anything. I am confused how these people got in such hi-security places and hotels. I just hope that everything will be back to normal again as soon as possible.
I was roaming around those very places yesteryear. The Taj and Victoria Terminal. I have so many friends in Mumbai and happy that they are safe and  I am also worried about Daniel...I hope he is safe.
And what is more distubing is the fact that this horrible hits in 26th. This is not the first time 26 has troubled India - last time it was Tsunami..and many other small unfortunate events.
With nearly 3 police dead and many other people (100 n counting) dead, I don't understand what these terroists want or why are they doing this shit!
And yeah where is that Raj Thackray? I don't see him anywhere..where is this Mumbai fanatic?


Anonymous said...

Hey, don't worry about me, I'm fine. Just don't understand how there wasn't better security at The Taj hotel and C.S.T. I mean, they just let two guys with AK 47's walk into these places?!?

Bobby said...

Thank God!
I can't figure out how? either. They might be having some internal links in the hotels...

Jet Driver said...

Guys - security at hotels in India is minimal, and what is in place is mostly incompetent.

But a lesson to be had by all: If you are visiting Mumbai, drop a star off your hotel.
It's a no-brainer for even the most inexperienced of terrorists to understand that the high value targets are in the Taj or the Hilton.

To give you an example of the most ridiculous of security details:
I am sent to India to do some "sensitive" work and an escort is required for me. Something suitable to the situation and the locale.

They sent - two jeeps with general purpose machine guns on the back, a troop carrier with about a dozen boys on board with what looked like Lee Enfield 303s.

And a snow white, base model Toyota Landcruiser!
Spot the target anyone?

Security in India?
A running joke in the international community, mate.

Jet Driver said...

Just to add:

"I mean, they just let two guys with AK 47's walk into these places?!?"

Seeing as though they were firing indescriminately, wouldn't you?

By the way - do you think that something like that couldn't happen at the Chedi or the Intercon?
No armed guards there either!

Go to Al Ghubra and visit a shop called "Sniper" - where locals can buy guns - which they have a right to do!

Think about that the next time you flip off the taxi-driver! :)

Bobby said...

Yea! I know India's security in hotels is the best but the hotels they attacked are the best...anyway until the whole thing is figured out I can't say anything.
I think I will visit Sniper - if they allow ppl below 18 inside ;)

Anonymous said...

@ Jet Driver,

"Seeing as though they were firing indiscriminately, wouldn't you?"

Yeah, security is inadequate in most places - poor infrastructure, inadequate training, not enough in the budget, you name it, there's always an excuse.

But C.S.T isn't like most places. It's been on the security agencies 'likely to be hit list' since the last blasts in 2006, and security was beefed up there. That's why I don't understand how two guys with guns could simply walk in. With the security presence in and around the C.S.T, Taj and Gateway area, the terrorists should have been encountered and shot down while still outside the station and hotels, even if they were firing indiscriminately. That's what the additional security are there for. That's the reason for my surprise at this attack not being properly responded to - the authorities being caught unawares just smells of gross incompetence, especially after 7/11.

You can always pick a hotel with one star less to stay in, but if you're in Mumbai, you're going to be visiting the cultural landmarks sooner or later, or using public transport, and if they're attacked when you do, who's to say you won't end up being a terrorist victim anyway? It's good to be cautious, but there are limits.

I can' comment on your sensitive work, but sometimes the best deterrent in a place like Mumbai is a show of force rather than the subtlety that works elsewhere. That's why the Sangh Parivar is so successful out here.

Hey, as far as I can remember, Muscat had almost zero security at most places, but then again, who'd want to attack Muscat? There's absolutely no comparison.

Still, I'd like to get hold of one of those sniper rifles. There are a few politicians out here I'd love to try it on :-)

Jet Driver said...


"Gross incompetence."

That's it in a nutshell.


Bobby said...

@ Daniel:
Exactly you better have a pistol in your pocket!
I have never been to Taj or Oberai and I am glad to with my she shore hotels in Mumbai!
The CST is very secure but happy that they will be more vigilant from now on!

Sona said...

I also have a same question, WHERE is RAJ THACKRAY ???? Is he hiding under his bed ???? Why his MNS GUNDAAS are not coming to save Mumbaikars....... Why is he not tryin to save his marathi manoos. and why is he not asking the other community policemen to stay out of the mumbai trouble. May god give him the common sense to understand the simple thing that all are equal and bifurcating people through their cast is a utter nonsense. All are indian and everyone has a right to stay wherever they want. pls grow up and quit politics.....u r a nonsense.....

Ashu said...

Sona I totally agree with you.

The best possible excuse they might give is there were no Marathi Manoos in action so we didnt participate.


They might catch one North Indian and beat the hell out of him and claim that he belongs to one of the terrorist.


He might relate that terrorist were none other than North Indian.

Now those chickens(MNS GUNDAS) wont come out unless and until every thing is over.

Man I am waiting for that freaks comment in media.

Bobby said...

Sona and Ashu thnx for the comments!

i wud have sent Raj Thackray into Taj!
i wonder what will he say?

Anonymous said...

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