Blog Freeze - but you won't be bored


I am unsure whether I will get to blog when I am in India, so I decided to put up some random post in schedule – I got the post till the end of this month. I will in the meantime also try to blog if I get time and chance!

Hope you will like the post, which I have written and will be posted. I am surely going to miss you all gals and guys! I think I have weaved myself so much into the Muscat’s Blogging community that life becomes blank fuck without commuting with you all people!

Well, take care ppl!
Keep blogging, keep visiting, keep commenting!

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jana z. said...

awww bobby i miss you already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have a safe trip bro!! hope all goes well. dont forget to go back and look for more items of value and the old home!!