Got a new Sony Cam..


First kisses to my mom and dad! They are the best! I believe there are no other parents in Muscat who wud give their son, more than what he want within three hours!

I love my Sony W120 - it is awesome!
I got this from KMT under a winter offer for 85 OR.
I am so excited I dunno what to write!
Isn't it cute!
I actually went to buy a relatively cheaper Cannon A470 but my mom and dad, insisted that I go for Carl Zeiss lens and Sony than Cannon.
Well. I think I made a right decision by choosing the Sony cam. I am still meddling with the settings of the camera. I never thought I would buy the camera today, but it all went in flip second. Whats more, I enjoyed the shopping for the first time as there was less crowd. (I think I have mild agoraphobia), my dad and mom to enjoyed their time while in KMT cracking jokes with the salesmen.And a neighbor bumped into us, she also shopped with us for sometime. It was a lovely evening over all and gave me a break from those freaking music reality TV shows
So just wait for the pics to come....I am cliking


Sangeetha Sridhar said...

Awaiting yours pics now as much as your posts!

nyxxie said...

enjoy clicking!!