Photography Addiction


No it is not dew, I sprinkled water ;) 
These cute lil balls seem to grow competitively
I found 100Bz on terrace....
In Oman, even sunset is bright!
B 4 *Bobby*
From the time I got my cam, I have been clicking incessantly. These are the few chosen ones which express my urge to become the best...
What do you say?


Raphael said...

those were really good random snaps!
loved 'em!!

jana z. said...

maybe youll think im odd bobby...but i really really like the pink pic. i like all of them, but that one caught my eye. and your pics are good. you really have an eye for photography

Sabra said...

I, too, think they are great pictures, Bobby. If you're going to have an addiction, it may as well be a positive one!