We are really high after Mumbai Attacks


I don't get it! Something bad(attacks of Mumbai) happens somewhere then every one at public places is checked and made sniffed by Extra Sensory Perception dogs ( I abhor dogs esp those black giants) for a month or two and then everything becomes normal again!!

With the fear of further attacks on other major cities like Hyderabad, "strict" measures have been taken to ensure that no one with anything like coins or key chains or nail files are allowed inside into places like airports and railway stations!
So, as it happens always, I have travel in such hard times as we are not ""allowed"" to stay in the house of the deceased...after the final ceremony of my grandma we head homes - but wait you can't go to your homes straight from the house of deceased. Beautiful! Fuck those Bramins
So travelling nearly for 12 hours in the blessed Indian railways to go to my home, with just a half an hour away from home we have decided to spend sometime in hotel....24 hours fucking hell

And at all these ports - 3 railway stations , I was checked thoroughly by pot bellied cops to big booped dogs... especially at the Hyderabad railway station I was even asked to remove my shoes and belt...
what annoys me is that only just a handful of people really going through all these tests the rest simply go from the sides of the metal detector door and the cops don't even say a thing! Fuck the system, not to mention if the guy is someone known to cops!
On the whole, the security measures kept to prevent any further attacks is nothing but a show by the Indian government...the are inefficient and idiotic.
So once in the train another cop waves the metal detector in to air, I never knew that air has metallic weapons!!! he is supposed to check us not air - all the while he was doing that waving thing , he was talking to someone on mobile-- Am I @@~#$ - eww! Indians Indians!

If such a situation continues we can never be efficient - and become a more easy target to the terrorists - and the cops - fire them all from all over the India - get them spanked or whatever - fuck them to hell until they take their job more seriously!

So this is from the hotel's Cafe with cute (but dirty - like someone threw up or cummed on this keyboard) Logitech keyboard - that's for now as I have buy Dettol to wash my hands!

In my next post I will tell you what happened on my grandma's final ceremony day and how happy the others are and how unhappy I am about the whole thing!!

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