What is wrong with you ppl!


Now that is not something which applies to the cafe keyboard I'm typing on but on the whole, the whole city looks a lot neater and clean.

Coming to the other art where Indians top (no! not reproducing -in that they top even rats!) is their driving skills! It was just yesterday when I thought of the whole two hours I spent in an auto rickshaw, I will end up dying and meet my freshly dead granny! The whole vehicles seem to pour on my little auto - I get so fucking scared that there were butterflies in my stomach!
I am so happy that Angryin not living here - she would have at least gone in coma if not worse...The driver managed to get through two huge traffic jams to take me to the destination. He must be having super driving skills - at least he knows how to crawl his vehicle 
The pollution,
Many of the Indians are black, some significant are brown and some few are white! In here, the pollution is sop high that it turns everyone black - creating a perma-dermis of grime and what not!Apart from blackening, I am literally choking to death when I am stepping on the roads...  my poor lungs!!

the Bramins
these people are those who conduct prayers - they are priests!
I don't like this kind of people - coz- if I ever had to communicate with god, I know how to do it! Not someone who has read some mantras and  going act like an service provider No thanks! - It is me and god - if he ever exists in the first place, so just get it that I don't like pundits/priests/ bramins
To conduct the death ceremonies of my granny, a pundit (unusually of my age) has asked to get a large list of things which also includes stuff like "cow shit"...
Now, to say the whole list had cost us somewhere 5000 (RO 50) - instead would not it be nice if we spend those money to some orphans kids?!
Instead of filling this priest's ass and he cannot even know / tell me if my granny's soul is happy or not?
I hate Ritualistic nature of Hinduism...
But, I cannot express my anti-ritualistic theories to this fucking ritual addicted people - even if I do, they will fuck me to hell!!1 - whats even more odd is that, becoz of my granny's death none other than the people of the same surname should touch us! - how sick! first the whole family is drenched in sadness and then you remind this bad event by simply keeping them away coz you may get "impure" by touching us!!! Fuck you ppl! 
that's that for the last 48 hours and I think I will have really bad time with all this mechant things here....
 I am going to screw this cafe guy now for this keyboard!


Mean Reds in Muscat said...

Come back soon, Bobby! We miss you.

Kishor Cariappa said...

Oman Born Confused Desi (OBCD) :D

Jet Driver said...

Chin up Bobby! You'll be back in town soon.


Bobby said...

thanks! I will be back soon!
I miss you all too!

Though not actually oman born but yes very confused desi!

I wnt 2b back really soon

Sangeetha Sridhar said...

Thought of leading you here...if it helps in any way!


The 'Untouchability Period' is to restrain close members being dragged into normal activities instead of having the time and ambience to mourn.These rituals are for the rest of the mourners more than the deceased I believe and offerings to pundits is to sustain them socially and economically as an integrated society (this was the only means of livelihood for certain sections of the society who are not allowed / capable of any other jobs. This is a period which we both cannot even imagine).

The elements used in the ritual have specific purposes and have a deeper scientific sense - applicable to households where the death occurs and when we didn't have chemicals to sanitize the environment and air.Perhaps the happening of the ritual caught the attention of the neighborhood who would then lend a shoulder in several ways to the family of the deceased.

Bobby, to you and me living in Oman, life is so very different and in the name of visits back home, certain cultural beliefs certainly may seem out of place and reason.

I still haven't unraveled the 'Cow's Urine' Gomiyam part --- (I never drank the sacred offering mixed with this ingredient at any event).

So here I hope not to be defensive but share an understanding that I came across while on my trip to 'Char Dham'(http://www.chardham.com/) pilgrimage with my Father & Son to pay homage to my deceased mother.

Anonymous said...

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