Best of '09


2009 - is the year that has changed me completely yet it didn't leave a mark of it -
The best things that happened to me this year

1. Lost 15 kilos:
I am in the best shape of my life. This was one of my life goals. I just could not believe that I got down my BMI levels from 31 to 26!!
I deserve a pat coz I stuck to my yesteryear's resolution to not to eat junk food...I ate junk food but less than before.

2. Learned to live alone
Much of this year, I have been away from my parent either left to all myself or with my uncle and aunt. Though initially it was depressing to be away from parent..but I got over it soon. Living alone teaches many things like time management..planning etc..and they help in long run.

3.Made new friends 
I think never have I before been so open and friendly than what I have been in 2009. Apart from my online friends I have made a hug number of friends in the college and it was cool! Yea, I miss my school buddies but then thanks to Facebook.

4. Mr. A 
Undeniably he is my best friend and his friendship is the best thing that ever happened to me. But life nowadays never gives us chance to meet in person but instead reproach each other's live on phone! sigh!

5. In my best love 
I wish this is my final one. So far, it had been great. I wish nothing nasty happen like the ones before. I had been so far successful in keeping my head clear and the whole affair distant from my daily life. Lets hope that I will hold the same approach to this one too.

6. Cuter than ever
Perhaps it was  due to my weight loss. I can see my cheek bones and of course the sexy jaw line. Couldn't believe that after all, those funny facial exercises worked! Only think I lament is my already dark skin became worse in India.

7. Read what I wished to read
I always wanted to read Indian English Literature, and this year I have read a considerable amount of books under this genre, But the books I wish to read has been ever increasing. I wish I knew how to read faster.

8. Gone Green
Its high time that everyone should have gone green. I went green (eco-friendly) just a few months ago. so far I was able to reduce the amount of plastic, water, electricity I use. But I dunno if I am I eat organic or not. I have also adopted a stray dog and I am thinking of buying a cat (if Dad and Mom say ok!)

9. Loving myself
 Accoding to a saying, "if you don't know how to love ourself than how will you love others?" I think though it may sound vague, it is indeed true. If we look at all the negative things in ourselves there is less chance that we see good things others.
This year in its own subtle way taught me to be what I am and learn to take pride in myself. Being frank and appreciating others really saves all the mess.

Of Miraclous BioDisk


BioDisk is a wellness tool which is produced by Amezcua, somehow I landed with one and from yesterday I kept staring at this glass disk...

The disc, made of 13 engineered natural minerals and fused using nanotechnology, and bought at great cost claims to improve energylevels, enhance the immune system, rejuvenate cells, and increase bloodoxygen level.

The Biodisk which claims to radiate vibrations that are similar to those of the vibrations released by the healing spring around the word. Many DVD tutorials came alng with the product on how to use this disc.
This disk seems to be an all-in-one solutions for everything starting from bad-tasted water to fertility problems.
To find more info clic here and here
I dunno if it really works or it just an ordinary glass piece...but I am thrilled.
On the other hand we have something (and so much) against it..

I am in Oman...


Oh yes, I landed yesterday night and I was jus catching up with all till now...still there are friends to call and so far I have amazed everyone with my slender frame (alright not so slender..) but yeah looking great and feeling great!

I am so so busy with cleaning all the stuff...wait....busy thinking to clean all the stuff but then lazy coz of  the weather. It just is so fine over here...loving it, loving you Muscat! Muah!
I think I may go for a long walk tonight...

but then I am thinking of meeting my ex-buddy, but then I dunno where the hell he lives now..:P
My home is a pile of mess, and my mom is a bundle of nerv at present looking at her kicthen..LOL!
So far everything is good and well...I wish I can unwind after all the studious life (LOL!!) in India!!

Me and my gym trainer


 Nearly four years have passed but even today, I remember that day when a very muscular guy called me back when I was on my way to some shop..he introduced himself to be Shareef, a gym trainer...he said that he is new to Wadi Kabir and he was told about me by my friends...dunno how!

But he knew my name, where I lived and how I dealt with my body...he requested me to visit his gym (perhaps I was greatly overweight then) and join if I liked it! A few days later, I visited the gym which is just a couple of blocks away from my building. He invited me and showed me the equipment and even offered a free trail...

Though I didn't join the gym (lack of time) I still met him rather often be it be at coffeeshop or snowhite or cyber-cafe  we exchanged greetings and he everytime insisted me to visit his flat and have a dinner...

Though I didn't visit his flat, I used to visit his gym, learn about stuff like how to do push-ups, how to lose times he would share his lunch with me.

After a certain period, he was less seen outside, and I got engaged into my studies and other things, later I was told by my local buddies that Shareef is not doing well, I tried to meet him but his flat was always locked up, I eventually left for India without meeting him....

A few days later, my dad informed me that Shareef died of over dosage of drugs...
When I went back, I found a new trainer in his place, who is no match for what Shareef was...

 Inspired by  Suburban's Belated love note..

Man who threw the dog off bridge...


INCENSED internet users have united to catch a man who threw a helpless dog off a busy bridge.

A Lithuanian man was filmed by friends joking that "dogs can fly" before throwing the dog off a bridge.

The footage was then posted on the internet, initially sparking outrage on Lithuanian websites before spreading across the world.

Footage of the incident shows the man carrying the dog - which appears calm in the man's arms - to the side of the bridge.

The video also shows a friend filming the incident on a mobile phone, all laughing as the offender prepares to throw the dog.

After checking that no traffic is around, the man walks to the side of the bridge and calmly throws the dog.

Heartbreaking footage shows the dog hitting the ground before yelping in pain and appearing unable to move.

The dog miraculously survives the fall, with vets later treating it for internal injuries.

The Mail reports that as footage of the incident spread across the internet, Facebook groups and online forums united to catch the offender.

They posted photos of the man, with local police recognising the offender.

The man, identified by the Daily Mail as Svajunas Beniuk, eventually handed himself into police, who later issued a statement to internet users thanking them for their help.

The offender now faces animal cruelty charges.

This sub human should be thrown off the very same bridge.  

Arab on a treadmill


A guy in kandoora on a treadmill:

just for fun guys...

A busy WTF week!


I thought everyone would think that I to have taken tweeting but no! I was seriously busy with all the college stuff draining life out of me. But hey, most the week is over now, so time to let my hair down.
Mostly it is due chemistry practicals that are going and we are doing salt analysis which I am not getting...of the six lab session, not even once I got it all right! That's odd!
My ex-buddy called me to tell How Bullsh*tty happy is becoz he is going to get married!! And he *cordially invited" me...WTF!! I had a huge huge fight with him a year or so back I have completely stopped talking to him...and now he expects me to forgive all that insanity and be good way!!

Today we dissected a apple snail in the lab turned out to be awesome but of course some girls went sick...mine went all well except I had cut its intestine...and it stinks like hell!

I also bought a new book from the local book-store, called Abel's Island by Willaim Steig a kid's book but I enjoyed it throughly!!!

In the meantime, I installed Ubuntu OS instead of Vista but I didn't like it so it took me much time to figure out how to get back to Windows...why I hated Ubuntu, I dunno! So in all this process, despite back-up, I lost a considerable chunk of data!!!
So I am at present taking all time installed the apps and bookmarking your blogs..

Tweeting, tweaking and screeching


Finally, I have evolved and took up to Twitter recently...with very less luck!
First time when I looked at my page, I almost dropped my jaw *Is this what ppl are behind?*
Ayway, I went on with all the ritualistic enrolment process and all I was to set up my mobile for it!!
Good! And thats what I have been trying to do from last 22 days or so!!
I send everything needed and I wait, wait and wait!! So, so far, Twitter hasn't impressed me....well I can't say I don't like it...but fingers crossed until my mob sets up!

My dad brought/ bought me an Antivirus programme from Mct...I didn't even to open till today what was it...somehow my AVG Antivirus fucked up and  I took to the one Dad brought, called Kapspersky....I have a good opnion on this but this took hours to load and then activiate and then update and scan....a wholsesome of 5-6 hours...of which for 2 hours it updated (my internet speed was decent) So far it hasn't done any heroic attempts to save from bugs..but lets see...

 I am hearing that Windows 7 is nicer and better...but I haven't yet laid my hands on it...a buddy and software freak named Vjay would install me that next week...again I am so curious whats in store for me, that I can hardly wait...{btw Vjay is a guy who is physically challenged and with an IQ of more than 150...he somehow inspires me to live a life than is not so shitty as mine is...but then c'est la vie! :) }
On the other hand, a guy met me online and called himself DDk, said that Win 7 is a crap...but nothing wrong in trying it right?

I fell in Love


yup with no one else other than myself...
after all how can I love others if I can't love myself?

it is no nonsense..I am just elated by all the good things that are happening to me...of course I can't tell all those good things but all I can let you know is that I am no longer "single"! Got it!

Scatter-mind post


They are now en mode  so here is mine:

1.Got a call from a way I am happy that he has joined a college and doing some course in Hyderabad. He was supposed to visit me while I was in Hyderabad last week (to visit my uncle) but it didn't work out...anyway..he said he would meet me when I will leave for Muscat. I am waiting...and next time I will shed all the mystery that surrounds this guy...

2. My weight loss is getting nowhere...I think I am in one of those plateau regions of weight-loss graph...but I haven't put on any so it doesn't matter much. I have been long deprived of all the goodies of life like ice-creams...alcohol....I am scared that once I will be in Muscat I will put on my weight...lets see

3. College is something that more or less changing into some Little Buds a sense because we are not allowed out of the college during the break-time. The canteen is almost meagre and the campus is small...then they implemented UNIFORMS...for a degree college...putting of my choice of wearing if you fail in an exam your are expected to pay fine of something like 1 OR/ 100 is indeed irritating...

4. I am again into Yoga, I had stopped it long back due to some unpleasant experiences but thanks to the building up pressure of studies and *^%@#$% I am forced to take up again. So far, I think I all well under control.

5. My uncle's daughter called me...I can sense something *fishy* coz:
She: Hi,
Me: Yeah..fine, you?
Me: Is there anything I can....
She: *more chuckles* just simply called...
Something is really fishy...

6. "*^%@#$%" in #4 refers to my new found enemy back at college...lets call that enemy as B*tch (you can choose other like: piss blobs, fa*...) ok I am so bloody irritated with this b*tch...she is always interfering with me and trying to dominate is just annoying, if someone tells you only to shut when the whole of her friends are giggling. But I am a big boy. I ma not gonna complain....that wud be behaving like nursery kid!!

Gosh!! it is already 7:45...gotta run!

I am going to cum...


to Muscat!
LOL! Pervert!

Yeah! I will be there by early December...and I am all flying high about this...
My dad planned this for me as he wants me to take off sometime and get my hair down. I must say I am significantly over-stressed by the college and some family matters...

So, I will be there in Muscat for 2-3 weeks, the tickets are all ready and it is just counting days and starting a diet (ya! gotta look thinner...THINNER...MORE THHHINNNNER!!)...

I have shared this with everyone I consider as Human back college, and also to those whom I don't consider Humans - just to feast on their jealous looks...hehe! I have even arranged for leave and planned my studies also!

And just now, I finished a lengthy list of things I want t buy, things I want to "see" and eat...I am thinking I will burst with excitement...a lengthy 4 page list...As of now, only my friend Nells (I haven't talked of her before in the blog, but Nells or Nelly is a school buddy and a good friend of mine) is in Muscat, the rest are scattered in Canada, India and one somewhere lurking in Manila...the Manilian one may come too...

Whatever, It will a nice cool December - pampering myself with everything and everyone I missed...Oh! baby! That's going to be good, and if all backfire, I wouldn't care ~ after all Muscat is still my Home and there is no place like Home to doze off....

The English Prof is teaching pr-onun-shzee-ye-szhun!!
I juzst waan-ted to szhhare!

The thieves manifestation


The area, I live in this small town is one of the posh is filled with huge houses - new with paints and some even now under construction. It still has some empty plots left and my building is in the middle of a huge empty plot. It somehow, makes me feel isolated from the rest of the houses of the street but no doubt, my house-owners maintain it wonderfully better than any other...

So it was on Eid day, my grocerer informed me that there is presence of thieves in the area and asked us to be careful.. Though till date, no case of robberies have been reported but still she warned us to be careful....
It all started from then that I am living alone and my mom is at gran-uncle's house, she calls me every night to remind me to lock all the doors.

But yesterday night was difficult because I could hear someone on the top terrace, some kind of movement of huge and heavy objects (there is a lot construction material on terrace)! Really I was chick scared for my neighbours aren't there and I am alone on the floor. I immediately locked up all the doors and closed the windows...added to my bad luck there was a power cut. I grasped a torch and cell and sat in my bed waiting for something to happen....until I dozed off...

The noises subsided morning I went up to check...I found two stray dogs on a heap of iron rods...

Etiquette of Exams and Mysore Bondas


I wonder why? Why I am so sluggish today? I am having exams at college, and I am no way thrilled of them. In fact I am bunking an exam today, doing so for the first time in life.

The exams I gave till date....sigh.....I am very disappointed with my performance in the recent exams and I have just three things to say why I been such fucked up:

First, the invigilator, should be vigilant and his duty is to vigil not TALK with us! Bloody idiots! All they did is to disturb me and others..."Why are drawing you so many diagrams?" "Why are writing you so slowly?" WTF they want? I want to get each of them fired....

Secondly, We are student so of University level, not of Kindergarten and I am amazed how many turned up without appropriate stationary....I am irritated when someone asks me..."Can I have pencil?" and worse if the person takes it without asking!!

Third, I dunno which bugger arranged the seats, I am seated next to a seriously retarded dude...for the physics exams, he would write just one page, and the rest of the time, he would play with my colour pens....BLOODY HELL!

Many think I am putting up reasons for my up-coming low marks. Anyway, the complaints have already been sent in...and if I see no effect, I am no way hesitant to write to the University...

I don't want my blog to become some whining leave it!
Coming to some colourful side of life, I am addicted to these things:

Don't freak! These are edible! They are dollops of flour/curd mixt...deep fried in hot oil. These can be compared to our Aloo Bonda, except these are without the potato gravy inside. These are not available in Muscat!
And guess what? Miraculously I am not even putting on weight! But these too soon had to go as I will take diet ( I am growing excessively jealous over Mrs.Cush/ Angry's work! So I am kinda eager to start off, but equally lazy!)

Racial Discrimination....


There is a hotel nearby, I knew the owner pretty well because he is a north Indian and I know his mother tounge well. We talk in his mother tongue..the normal chit-chat...

So I went today, and I gave my order and waited for the parcels to arrive. Meanwhile, I asked how much it costed me, and he said Rs 36. I gave him a Rs 100 currency note and he gave me back Rs 14.

Then he asked me how much I gave, I said "Rs 100" and he gave me the needed Rs. 50. And went back to counting his money. Then he looked at and started shouting in his language "Kaminey!(louser)You gave only Rs. 50! Give back my Rs. 50!!" I was shocked and politely asked him to check again! He wasn't no way listening to me!

In the mean time, men gathered around: The owner, went on shouting that I cheated on him! I openly asked him to take back Rs.50 if he wants, but I challenged him, I will show my Rs 100 note.

Taken aback, he said that he didn't need my money and insulted that my race itself is a cheating one! And over the decades, he had seen so may people like me!...then continued to the expletives (as if he only knew)

Lucky for him as he said that in his mother tongue! Had he had said that in the local language, the consequences would have been dire!
I collected my parcels in silence and left! Silent? NO way! My mind was screaming! But then...I remembered the famous lines of Wole Soyinka:
"Silence. Silenced transmission of
Pressurized good-breeding."

Yes! I sighed! Pressurized good breeding!
But for the first time in my life, I was identified with a race...for the first time...I was discriminated of my birth! And even now, after a busy day, my mind is still numb!

(For clarity: I am a South Indian and the owner is a North Indian)

The electrician and ...thinnies


Something happened to my fan, and it was not running/rotating or whatever, so I called my house owner, who in turn called an electrician.
The guy came, after an hour or so, he was thin, pale, short fellow with bright eyes....he repaired it.instantly...and we both have same names,and we went on talking and talking, from fans to cell towers to the house owners...
It is something creepy now, as I look back, that we became so friendly in just seconds....
I am not new to these firefly friendships, but perhaps it is their short span than enthrals us...
Now, this incident happened long before Ramdhan, then he turned up again on Eid, just to say his greetings...Q8!

And talking of other guys back at the college, all are thinner than me, and no one has specs -- so the first impression is I am a nerd....sad! But there is one guy, called M, chubby, dark but has sharp features with very curly hair and lazy M gives me all sorts of uncomfortable feelings in the class, but I can't actually say uncomfortable, he looks at me fleetingly, staring at me when I am talking to other but he never talks to me. Its odd and rather you-know-what!!! But yea, I am enjoying all that...

"Ode to autam and yapples"


Yep! Yp u got it! It is yet another WTF blunder of my English Prof.
This time, it is with something more respectful, The Ode to Autumn by Divine John Keats....
So his version is here for you:

Seazon of mistz and mellow fruit-fullness
Cloze bausom-friend of the matuuring sun
Conspiring with him how tew load yand bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;
Tew bynd with Yapples the moss'd cottage-treez,

And it went on and on, until we reached the word "o'erbrimmed" and he said "O" "ER" brimmed - does anyone know what it means???" I didn't say anything, not even to my friends...nothing...I was o'erbrimmed with remorse...or worse...

Well, the complaints, I heard have gone against him, (I didn't complain) at least I assume cause my Vice Principal had said something that meant " send away those (profs) who aren't good, we first need better ones..."

So...I am waiting.... can't see it coming...change...

My love for Shobhaa De


It was five or six years back, when I first found Shobhaa De's book in an old carton full of books.
Something made me read it. I didn't understand the book then, but I read it...till end

After her, I read many Indian authors, older and senior and better than her but I still love Shobha De the most. My dad and his literary friends criticized me and her...they apparently find her writings erotic than needed, exaggerated and unrealistic...but I find them full of that is hidden from the open society, dirty lives that we all live hideously...

Perhaps, my unreasonable devotion for this writer is the writerherself, than her writings...because she looks at the world in some oddkind of way, never restricting to the social boundaries is what thatkeeps me read her books...

Whatever, there are some things that are unreasonable, so is perhaps this.

As I recall, my first book I read was Sultry Days, then I didn't find any of her book. Until recently, while in Hyderabad, in an old bookshop I found Shobha's Snapshots (the previous owner of the book curiously scribbled "Woof! Too hot!" on the front page...I still wonder why...coz I never found anything Hot in it) along with her Speedpost, Starry Nights...

Apart from Starry Nights, I am clinging on to another thriller called Cyclops by Clive Cussler

Happy Birthday Mrs.Winehouse


Amy Winehouse turns 26 today, and of all the things I have to say of her, I only wish she will have a healthier future!

"Is Tolstoy a man or a woman?" My English prof asked!


"Is Leo Tolstoy a man or a woman?" my English prof had asked this he genuinely never knew!

I was sitting in the first row of students and I couldn't hide my anger towards such an ignorant fellow. Honestly, I was hurt. I mean, Leo Tolstoy is someone who everyone knows (at least those who are into English) as he is generally regarded as the greatest novelist.

And here I am being taught by someone who doesn't know Tolstoy's gender! Had he been a chemistry prof or zoology one, I could have overlooked but English is his profession and he asked such a thing!

I don't like to consider myself someone who holds more knowledge than the English prof, but it is his ignorance and non-curiosity towards his own field of profession is something that infuriates me.

The other day, he was lecturing on  W.H. Auden's "The Unknown Citizen" and trust me I could not understand a thing. He merely translated the poem into Telugu (my mother tongue and is used extensively in college when English fails to reach the common students)  stripping  the poem's beauty and meaning.

It is almost shameful to share such a thing, because back in Muscat, I was taught by an old man (pbuh) who is highly conversant in language and literature and spoke so elegantly....

Of course, I did talk over the issue to my Dad (an English prof too), who asked me keep quiet on the issue and leave it to him until he realizes it all by himself
(and let me suffer till then)

The saach ka samna tag!!


From Raphael

The rules are thus…
You can only say Guilty or Innocent

Here it begins...!
Ever kissed someone of the same sex?
-guilty! I didn't put that question over there!

Asked someone to marry you?
-Innocent. I was asked by someone when I was 15! It was silly to think even!

Ever told a lie?

-Guilty, guilty, guilty!....unto "n"

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back?
. :(

Kissed a picture?
I am not going to tell of whom it was!

Slept in until 5 PM?
Yes or more!

Danced on a table in a bar?
. no way!

Fallen asleep at work/school?
-guilty .
many times, while other slept for History & English, I slept for chemistry & physics!

Been suspended from school?
NO WAY! I am the Student Fabulous! Trust me, my teachers talk of me even now!!

Worked at a fast food restaurant?
I served at my neighbour's Gujarati Restaurant - when they ran out of workers!

Stolen from a store?
I didn't do it for me, though!

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?
. ohhh yes. Once even rice grains...

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
. It is my dream!

Kissed in the rain?
I am allergic to rain!

Sat on a roof top?
The one of my ancestral was fun!

Sang in the shower?
I suppose it is some kinda addiction...

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?
I have never been to the pool-side! The fear for water bodies developed after I got drowned in Qantab beach and had to be pulled out by was quite embarrasing!

Made a girlfriend/boyfriend cry?
Not as much as the other made me!

Shot a gun?
If I use a gun in future, it would be to kill a incessantly noisy nasty dog of my neighbours that keeps me awake at night...

Donated Blood?
-innocent! I was rejected - dunno why though!

Eaten alligator meat?
-Innocent!!!!!!!who made this question

Still love someone you shouldn't?

Liked someone, but will never tell who?
-Guilty. If I keep telling, I keep losing'em!

Been too honest?
I am known for that!

Kissed someone you shouldn't?
the best kisses are those when you kiss someone whom you shouldn't!

Ruined a surprise? 
-Innocent! I always have a strong temptation to ruin..

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn't walk afterwards?
- infinitum! Every time I walk out of my favourite restaurants, I struggle to reach the car!

Erased someone in your friends list?
I just let them be there...

Dressed in a woman's clothes [if you're a guy] or guy's clothes [if you're a girl]?
. when I was a kid...
But I liked Robbie Williams in She's Madonna so much! ;)

Been told that you're handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?
-Guilty. but now, I think I am ugliest one alive...with dark tan, oily pimply skin...flaky hair! Ewww!

Had communication with your ex?
-Innocent. I slammed the door!

Got totally drunk on the night before your exam?
-Innocent! Expect me to be so, if I fail my exams


Everyone's tagged!

thanks to Blogger for fucking up my format! I hope some evolution takes places in this and copies what it is asked and not what it wishes to in its own way!

The salt-less diet


IT is the new craze down here. Ask anyone, they will tell of a million reasons to stop eating salt. In fact, eating salt is now considered as something compared to eating with hands in the western world.

But the diet is simple: Cook everything without salt, and less amount of oil.
The real mess begins when we taste what we have cooked for especially  Indian cuisine demands a minimum level of salt, chilli and oil...remove them from the is better to starve.

So, the diet comes with salt re-placers like groundnut powder(?), dried cabbage powder(???), til seed powder...pomegranate seed powder (??????) to add taste and nutrition to the food. Chillis are also expected to be avoided and the diet lays importance on consumption of various vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, fruits mainly papaya.

This diet's proponent, Dr. Raju - who conducts various programmes to promote naturo-pathy and this diet claims that even diabetes be brought under control. He says that weight will be 'healthy' as there will be no 'fat' loss but the excess amount of water that is stored in the body will be eliminated because, salt retains excess amounts of water in body.

He also recommends various 'cleansing' methods of gut - some call for natural laxatives, to reduce weight.
All is good! The weight loss is fast and easy when the diet is 'strictly' followed but then once we stop, the weight gain is also equally fast.

My cousin brother who weighed 93 kilos at the start took this diet and in 3 months, he got down to 75 kilos - his dedication to this diet is awesome and he in fact improvised it by adding loads of fibre, vegetable juices, and salt-less recipes.

And here I am jumping, jogging, skipping (meals also) from last 4 or 5 months and having lost just 13 kilos...
But me taking up salt less diet is almost impossible with my mom staying in India with me...she openly refused to cook without salt and she insists that salt is crucial for ion balance within the body - a complete removal of salt can put the body into dehydration and ultimately weaken the metabolism.

There is truth in her words too...because the sodium is important in nerve impulse transmission as well as an important mineral, the deficiency of which can cause dizziness and cramps...

So I am hanging between a lucrative diet and the risk of screwing up my nerve....

(Pic source: )



A friend of mine, Omnibus - tagged me on Multiply..thought I might share! ENJOY!
1. What type of M&M's are your favorite?
 The green ones. :)

2. Gay Marriage?
Yes, Should be legalised
3. Lower the legal drinking age?
 18 - I am past that!
4. Red vines or twizzler?
I wanna eat both

5. Who is the best hugger that you know?

6. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I don't know. It never happened to me

7. Is there something you want to tell someone? 
Yes, so many things to so many people

8. What brand of shirt are you wearing? 
Pepe jeans

9. Would you kiss anyone on your friend's list? 
*chuckles* Yup!!

10. Favorite Disney movie?

11. How many kids do you want to have? 
I have not decided yet!

12. Have you ever dated anyone in the military?

13. Do you wanna change your name?
Yes! least change its spelling

14. Last time you saw your father?
2 weeks ago...I will see him in a month's time

15. What did you do for your last birthday?

16.What time did you wake up today?

17. What were you doing at midnight last night?
chatting with my Indo-Filipino friend

18. Name something you CANNOT wait to do:  

Nice one! Do try and lemme know!

One fast?


I still feel it was yesterday or so, seeing my sis being rushed into the operation hall somewhere near midnight, while we all waited anxiously as she gave birth to a extremely cute son...
And here I am now at his first birthday party..with all the relatives rushing in to wish him...
Isn't it odd how fast children grow? (AH! I sound like an elder!)

This lad, still remains un-named formally but we call him "Amy" at home! So Happy B'day Amy!
And he started teething recently (oh yes, he does bite hard!)...we are eager...

Random thoughts from my gr8 grndfather's bed....


Okay, I have been opening blogger, and intending to write something or the other and then leaving midday either out of boredom or laziness or remembrance of some incident or job....
And neither do I see any of the interesting topics (I am sorry!!Muscat blogosphere is severely dull!) that provoke me to write a blog on nor there is much happening in my life now that I am blobbing to tell you seems some kind of stagnant period of my life - Home>college> Home>College - sounds rather nerdy but yeah that hows life is...

It had been such a long time that I have actually talked to someone on the issues I would talk on (like films, music blah blah). The recent hot topics of my mind had been Organic chemistry, DNA fingerprinting and how to bunk the English class...
Friends are here many and they are very much unlike those at Muscat, in fact I can say both extremes of life...while my muscat friends are pompous, gaudy, promiscuous and open mined those that are here are simple, superstitious, conserved and scared (of my gigantic physique). Except one or two, I don't talk to many yet my name all around in the college...(instant fame when you are an NRI and 6 ft plus)

Apart from the boring things I am into, there is something that I had been planning and pursuing -- it is restoration of our family's antiques (mostly furniture and some paintings, statues, books, manuscripts and stuff like that). At present I have shifted some of the furniture from my inhabitated ancestral house to here - which includes a bed that belonged to my great grandfather (nearly 100 years old), a table that was made by maternal grand father, a 1970 model table fan of my grandma, an undated clock....I had been also sorting ut books of my grandpa and reorganising them...though the task is time consuming but it is interesting also...

Apart from that, I am also focussing on my weight loss once again but I am waiting for the winter to start as it is quite dangerous to change any diet in monsoon because immunity will be affected...Swine flu is not here as far as the reports go, but yes I find it very worrying that it is rampant in folks up there please be very least wear the masks, wash your hands...Ok!

Just to add, now that my "A" is up there in North, I was too lazy to any move in my love life, I was lazy to search I didn't want to deceive...but then suddenly, ppl are taking my numbers and calling me and inviting me...for a coffee/ chat or whatnot....ain't it not silly that no one turns up when you really need someone in life...but ha, whenever time is there I go

Its raining from 8 hours....


You all know how much I hate when it rains, and my hatred increased when I broke up with my ex for my ex loved rain like hell...
And now, here I am in the middle of true Indian monsoon, all wet, muddy and sliperry with pigs and dgs fighting in the rains pools...I feel I am drowned.
On my way back from my college, a truck hit the pool on the road sending my croc tee (white) to all coffee colored......grrr...I wanted to call the police....
Anyway, thats minor when  compared to the 3 hour power cut we had today due to the rain, the news says that rain will/ may continue for next 48 hours and they may tide over the drought which otherwise will start on the South...
I am starting to like rains - I can't imagine of being deprived of water or fighting with ladies at water tanks... is not  that bad, but yeah, its that foggy and watery...but one thing, rain in the paddy fields at the end of the town are an awesome vista to see...
But yeah...too much of rain may spoil the crops...all seems new and awe for this is the first time I am living in the countryside of  India...

Bobby back on blogging


It is just minutes my broadband has been activated and I am all in high sprits to blog and share where I am and what I am upto....bu then time is such restraint and I am equally lazy.
Anyway, I am now doing bachelors in biotech - genetics somewhere down in South of India...the teachers and fellas are good...
I living near to the college, in an apartment surrounded with antique furniture and paintings...brought from my ancestral home...
Dad and mom are in India, so sis came to stay with us with her cute son...
So, this bobby is lil chubby again for some time....
India after all is a nice place to live...when with power and water.........

Suffering gross side-effects of Dieting


All my life, I kept trying one or another diet in my own way. Always trying to shed all the flab through some magical diet. It started when I was 15 or so and weighed a whopping 120 kilos. I took the resolve to shed all the fat and become slender but it never worked. From then on I am cutting on and on about what I am eating.
Now, after three years I have reduced to 95 kilos - after more than 3 years of dieting, I am still in the "overweight section" of BMI.
From the common low-fat diet to the (in)famous low-carb diet, my body went through all the stress - I never settled on one diet and at times I went extreme like all-juice diet or raw-diet. They all helped me in modifying my eating habits. Low-carb diet is one which I love and detest equally - the diet is not only bleak and tasteless but also so weakening that my mom scared I will be on IVF by the time I finish the diet. But, it worked showing such significant weight loss that I never felt with any other diet. I was weakly glad. That was a year or so ago!

But I gained the lost weight soon after that, I went back on a low fat diet. More than diet, I intentionally and successfully reduced my portion sizes - I now eat less than half what I used to eat three year ago. I have even used medicines too to induce weight loss - I used Ayurvedic medicines which called for strict diet excluding almost everything except lemons and honey and those laxatives which I used under doctor's supervision - they worked though I wouldn't recommend it.
Exercise was something I started late, my main activity was walking/jogging but I also had lots of flexibility and stretching exercises as well. Now I have very flexible and agile body. The hard work is paying off after all.
thats me in 2006 and now...

Then came all those things which many don't talk about...those awful side effects of weight loss and dieting. The significant side effect in me is wrinkles on my tummy, on my toes...the skin has become rough and flaky. My hair too has lost its lustre and shine and has split ends and breaks. Though oddly my nails aren't affected, their growth however has slowed down compared to the past. The weakness has become something used to but hey I wasn't that drained off - after some deviation from diet I normally recovered.

And more indirectly I have created those eating habits that are very unsuitable in can't expect a bowl of oatmeal for morn or clear soup as a starter for is almost impossible. The breakfast here consists of idlis or oily dosas and the lunch is a huge pile of rice with always oily curries or acidic pickles...
But since I am eating less there isn't any weight gain! So till now glad! And once I will start living on my own - I will revert to my old eating habits which are indeed very odd for a common Indian.

Top 5 Indian male habits that suck!


Written by Neetu in 

The Staring Habit:
Males all over love to stare at women. Indian males love to keep staring at women. They’ll stare you to death if they want to. You can try giving them ‘the look’ in the eye but no use. Somehow their eyes are rock solid, on target. They scan you from top to bottom and left to right. Their dark eyes scan every inch of flesh on you. 

They have not left me - my height attracts so much looks...:(

The Stinking Habit:
Indian guys stink, to the core. Guys this is a a wake up call. I believe that guys think investing in a 100 buck deodorant hurts more than investing in stocks. Every time a guy walks by and I can feel that disgusting body odor. I wonder if you guys even hit the showers every day.
Can't agree more....I spend most of my money on perfumes, sprays and hair-removers

The Peeing on the streets Habit:
This is not new. At any given time there’s an Indian guy peeing across the street in the public right in front of a sign that says, “Yahaan peshaab karna mana hai” meaning you can’t pee here. Just because you guys can pee standing up doesn’t mean you must pee everywhere. Use the public loo next time.
Many do it - I jus don't understand from where do they all get the guts to do it!

The Comment passing Habit:
Walk across a bunch of guys and your ears automatically gear up to pick up the sound signals. Every single woman in the country is so bloody used to these comments that it doesn’t bother most of them anymore. Sexually unfulfilled, testosterone charged males would make all sorts of attempts to prove their worthiness out on the streets.
Yup! Neetu is right! As a brother of many sisters, I have learned to bother the comments and commentators  and taught them (wit hand) to shut up!

The Over-friendly Habit:
Indian males tend to become over-friendly for all kinds of reasons known to them. Go to a public place and drop a pin, hundreds of men jump out of nowhere and battle to get that pin back to you. Then they’ll strike a conversation with you. They’ll want to know all sorts of personal things about you. They just don’t seem to stop. There’s a fine line between being a gentleman and being uncomfortably friendly. Indian men cross the line as usual.
Okay! I have to defend! Oddly, a bunch of girls tried to strike friendship with me last time at the college! Did I tell you that they were all Muslims in burqas (abaya)

I am being generous in not dealing with other worse habits like "ball-scratching", splitting saliva, public nose digging and thrusting hips at others in buses.......

Don't worry! Since I grew outside India, I don't have such habits except stink! 
 Anything else you can think of? Please post them as comments

Note: Both Neetu and me are being practical, humorous and talking in general! If you think this hurts, kindly F*ck off! I have no time to listen to such comments! Alternatively you can laugh and move on

Am I an Indian? - or some alien with net?


I still have no clue why my internet habits are such highlight in my famlily's gossip! My uncle is all restless this weekend while I am sifting through various blogs. He stood behind me and pretending as though not looking - the same continued when I shifted for laptop! I have no clue what the hell is happening!

Its just internet and I am just a guy - whats so big deal in making fuss about it! He remarked that my cousin once said that I am an internet addict and went on n on! I am not so freak but yes I need this to keep in touch with the world! And if say something in "So! What?" manner he would say something under-breath and leave and quit talking for the next couple of days. He would treat like I am some stuffed lifeless animal.

Whenever I come to India, I modify myself unlike many of my friends - I try to be a real resident Indian - I internally suffer coz of dirtiness, cunning mentalties and prying nature of the locals, but I supress and put on a big smile and try to be as common as possible. This includes from my table manners to my sleep timings - everything to make it up look like a real Indian walla.
And here I am being criticised for surfing habits. When I say such things to my cousin brother, he says such things are normal and every Indian parents behave so! I don't get it! Mine too are Indian - they never touched my personal things! They never pried on me while I surfed though they are well aware that I am brainy enough to circumvent Omantel filters!! So what is my uncle's prob - I am no way to understand! I openly asked him if he wanted to install any parental filters - he can! There was no response either!
When my parents backed me and asked my uncle to leave me as I am - he got more restless and is now noisly shifting channels! It looks ridiculous but they are elders and I can't voice out like I can't eat with a spoon - This is INDIA!

Its frustating when someone looks like you are doing something gravely wrong when there is nothing wrong (in my perspective!) Perhaps I can never understand Indians - I wonder how much of such experiences are on the way!

Back onto the world....


Finally.....Finally, I am back online...that too under my name!!!
But this internet connection has cost me almost an arm and leg...not that its that costly but I had seroius hard time convincing my uncle to let me have it. He still fears that I may spoil his son (did I tell you that he is 27 n I'm 18) via internet.

I literally refused to eat until I have net and this had created quite a stir but I needed it badly...some kind of primitive need.
Exams over and I am out with a guy whom we will call Mr.A.for time being, gr8 guy! hv'g gr8 time!
Odd that few weeks ago, I'm addicted to sedatives to combat chronic insomnia........

So i will back soon fully with regular blogging and commenting

I AM leaving for India 2nite....forever and frustataed!!


What you read is true! I'm leaving Oman...I'm! Not my parents!

I don't want to come back! Not that I don't love Oman but I have to go! I can't tell what all happened but I want leave early and I am leaving tonight! I have no intentions of coming back either! Until some people leave the country! (some ppl includes that idiot ex-buddy!)
or I do something like...........

I think I will need time to recover and get into public life...before I end up being violent or worse..self violent.....I just to go away from all the stuff and people for sometime!
I may blog once in India but I can't be sure.

I also have exams to deal! FUCK!

More clouds, more rains, more wine...


My petite gadget is buzzing violently with the excitement of the prospects of the heavy rains tomorrow. The sky seems already bleak and extremely cloudy over Wadi Kabir. And my dad is home early - the govt people always knew it first - (though they occasionally tell whatever)
These rains now dampen my plans for the weekend of the get-together of my friends at the near Pizza hut - depends on weather though!
IT seems, "mother E" is taking revenge on me by giving so many cloudy days. Yuck! Sun! I'm already missing.
While at home gulping my black wine, I stumbled across this wonderful wine on Swapna's Cuisine - a great cook blogging from Kuwait I think!

What the hell does my ex-buddy want?


From the I arrived from India, I'm really annoyed by the fact that an ex friend of mine (who lives and works in WK) with whom I have cut all relations is still continuing to bother the hell with me.
After a continuous friendship of two years, we had a clash on our opinions on God - he is a devout and I am an atheist - I never asked him to become like me - but he opposed my views and had a big fight uselessly on such a personal issue. Even after the fight, I continued but he started ignoring me and he started criticizing my lifestyle - and finally I have to quit! I have never seen such an idiot - who would loose a friend over a personal choice of the other. In my friends, I have everyone from religious, non believers, gays, lesbos, whites,blacks - everyone but we never discriminate each other as what they are of their choices or an involuntary genetic disposition that they can't help. Right?

He and I had a really nasty ending and I thought it was over. Now he is bugging me in many ways, first he somehow befriended my neighbors who praise him day and night, and now he is targeting my societal  friends - and people who are friends with him are ignoring me and some have stopped talking to me (I wonder what he tells them'bout me) . He wanted to get near to my dad and mom also - my dad himself said that he visited nearly four times while I was in India...
Luckily, my loyal school friends are still with me and they knew right from the beginning how nasty he had become with me. And in fact, my "significant other" predicted such clash and asked to cut relations long before - she is so so clever!! But as usual I didn't listen!

BUT now, I actually can't understand what he wants! He is behaving like a congenital schmuck! But more cussing can make me moronic! 

Anyway, I am only here for a few days to spend with my mom and dad and friends - so I think it is useless to think of such annoying things - so...on the brighter side, I did some shopping for me and my sis - I got new jeans and a shirt from Sana Fashions - now I think I will get more clothes - Centrpoint? I never visited it!

iCook: Cauliflower in Almond Tomato sauce...


I love Cauliflower, apart from its taste, it the easiest vegetable (or flower) to cook. I cooked this yesterday as I had some guests at home. They seemed to like and asked me the recipe. we go...

Cauliflower Almond curry with pulihora


1 medium sized cauliflower
cut into florets
2 medium sized tomatoes*
1/2 cup almond paste**
2 or 3 green chillies
3 tpsp oil
2 or 3 medium sized onions finely chopped
1 tsp curry powder (optional)
1 tsp tomato sauce
1 cup milk
1-2 tsp ginger garlic paste
1 pint of cumin seeds
1 pint of termeric (or red/food colour can also be used)

* Blanch the tomatoes (dip'em in hot water for 5 mins and peel them) and blend them

** For lazy cooks like me, almond powder is available - just mix the powder with hot water or boiling milk. If you have almond nuts, soak them in hot water for 30-45 mins and blend them with some milk.


- Take a heavy bottomed wok, add oil. Once the oil is heated, add onions - saute till they are golden brown.

- Add ginger-garlic paste to the onions and fry until the raw smells leaves. Add green chillies

- Now a pinch of cumin seeds and add tomato paste fry until the mixture is thick.

- Add the cauliflower florets to the wok and fry them well. Keep the lid and let them steam for 1-2 minutes

- Add the curry powder and stir well. Now add almond paste and mix well.

- Add milk to the curry and let the cauliflower boil fully in milk for 5-10 minutes. Add turmeric or food color.

- If the curry isn't thick enough, you can add a tablespoon of cornflour (mix cornflour with water before adding- to avoid lumping)

- Add finely chopped pieces of curry leaves (optional) before serving.

- Enjoy with chapatis or rice.
Bon apetit!

Tip tip tip tip tip BOOM tip tip...


That is all I am hearing from last night. The lightening made me wake from my delicate sleep and I am awake from 3 am. The whole Wadi Kabir seems to be drenched with mud, water and piss (it stinks of piss when it rains) making me almost sick.
IT is all cloudy out reminding me of some wintery drab place. I hate cloudy days, they just shut all my metabolism and I end feeling drained and fatigued.
Added to this, I need to visit my friend today and collect some books from him. He lives somewhere in Ruwi and I had to wait for hours to meet him. Imagine traveling on such a dull day!

On the other side, my "significant-other" called and wanted to meet me. I blandly rejected the offer as I am in such languid mood, it could only make my on-off relation more cold!

So now, I am finally tugged into my blankets with a book (namely Collected short stories of O.Henry) and made warm with a shot of a "mixed fruit wine" which I aged for 3 years...
But of course I have to get back to my studies by evening!

iCook: Channa Masala...

This recipe is so nice, I love it! Though it is available
outside, it is always better to make it at home. I learned this recipe from my
aunt in Hyderabad.
Here it is for you:


1 medium onion
6 tablespoons vegetable oil
1 1-inch piece
fresh ginger, minced
1 tablespoon crushed garlic
1–2 green chilies,
seeded and minced
1/2 teaspoon red chili powder
1 tablespoon ground coriander
1/2 teaspoon ground cumin
1/2 teaspoon ground turmeric
1 cup water
2 cups chopped
tomatoes, drained
1 can garbanzo beans, drained
1 tablespoon amchur powder (optional)
1 teaspoon garam masala

1. Peel and quarter the onion, place it in the food
processor, and process until smooth. Pour off the extra liquid and set aside.
2. Heat the oil in a medium, heavy-bottomed skillet over a
medium-high flame. When very hot, add the onion and cook until browned,
approximately 4 to 5 minutes. Adjust the heat as needed so that the onion does
not burn.
3. Stir in the ginger and cook for 2 minutes; add the garlic
and cook for another minute.
4. Add the green chilies, chili powder, coriander, cumin, and
turmeric, and mix to blend.
5. Lower the heat to medium, add 1/2 cup of the water andthe tomatoes. Continue cooking and stirring for two minutes.
6. Add the remaining water and mix well.
7. Stir in the garbanzo beans.
8. Lower the heat to medium-low and cook for 10 minutes.
9. Add the amchur powder and garam masala and mix well. Cook
for two minutes and remove from the heat.

I have made the puree of tomatoes also. After frying the onions till golden brown, I added this paste little by little frying in small quantities - the trick to get the taste is to fry till the sourness of the paste.
To enhance the taste, I too added the paste of cashewnuts and cus-cus (poppy seeds) to the curry.
And don't forget to add fresh cream and butter just before serving!
The recipe is from
Bon aptitet!

It's Raining!...I am missing my TV show


All of a sudden it started to rain...and in fact there is warm air and rain...odd
Well, anyway I hope it stops coz my Dish TV doesn't work when it rains, and the lightening makes it more dangerous to watch TV.

Today are the finals of a Telugu dance show and we missed it thanks to the weird weather. Acutally I can't understand why my dish tv only goes while raining but my Hotbird is all fine...

Shakey Photographer and his pics


It isn’t that I don’t love my new digital camera but sometimes I feel it is absolutely useless…especially at night. I always loved night photography and I wanted my cam to capture the night shots awesomely and that stupid Malabari salesman of KMT said it will do so. But I was pretty disappointed when I learned that my camera needs to be more sophisticated (something like SLR) to get those splendid shots of night. Added to this, I am also in need of a tripod (coz my hands shake a lot)…but is it necessary? - I am only in my first steps of photography? And I must learn to click first before I fly high…right…
When I bought this camera I was unaware of shutter speed control which is absent in my camera, therefore I cannot click anything in motion like a flying bird or a running child or a firework and even if I click, it would be something else. Anyway, one of my friends and fellow photographer said that I am over enthusiastic and any kind of learning needs time and practice from simple then complex.

So while I was in India where I always hang the camera around coz India is one of those places that is so diverse and surprising, I don’t want to miss a shot. (And a place to show off too!) One of the noted photographer said so of India, “Sit in one corner of the street [of Delhi] and click and you will click for lifetime as every moment is different yet beautiful.”  Despite of filling up my laptop and EHD with 1000s of picture, I still feel that I have missed some shots. Most of the pictures are shot within the family in various moods and moments, some of the locals and landscapes, flowers and at times children…
The following are some shots from my sister’s garden and her roses:
I don't know what these flowers are called...Gill any help?
These violet flowers smell like garlic!
And despite how much I despise my camera at night, I was somehow able to capture these pics:
These were the lamps set up at a local temple
And of course the flashy and flamboyant decorations...
Do tell me how the pics are! There are many more to come - of my nephews and houses...very keep visiting.

p.s I had some HTML probs when posting this post,though I solved'em but do inform me if the post doesn't load properly.

spring cleaning...heart cleaning


This happens always...whenever we leave Dad at home - leave and return to see a hell out of it!
Now that we've been away for whole three months, the home is like anything...papers, books, ash, vessels, leftovers, clothes...and the list is endless.
Well, it took me and mom to get back everything in shape, but we are not still satisfied...we finished with kitchen and hall...and bathrooms are to be done (their condition is unexplainable)
Meantime I have finish some studying also...and my significant other called up -so there may be a date on Saturday. But I dunno if we can make it becoz both of us are having exams that very day...weird.
What is more weird is find the stuff(a gift) of an ex-buddy inside my house - dad said that he wanted to re-establish the relationship - which infuriated me...I mean he was the one who started the fight, he blamed me and made my parents shout at me (they never do this usually)...and now he wants be back...errrrr....I hope some devil fucks him to death

..well that for now...I am enjoying the sun here and it is indeed awesome...I didn't call anyone that I'm here...neither do I wish to as I am going to stay for a very less time!

I am BACK in Muscat!!!!!! Almost nude.........


Sitting on my own couch, my favorite mug filled with NescafĂ© and me on the net typing this post - listening to my fave music, while the sun in Muscat is shining through windows onto my back – Ah! Isn’t this heaven?  (And I am almost nude! Only 10% of the body is covered at present) Well yes home is heaven and I am really fucking happy that I am home…
All the while I was in India, I spent my days at my uncle’s house in Hyderabad or at my sister’s in PPD – both the places were good, they have the basal facilities but they are not homely. I am glad that I will have nothing to do there for the next couple of months at least. But next year, when I will be joining my degree – I will live near to my sister’s and of course will live alone…I am elated and anxious…I could have done degree in Oman but simply, I want to be on myself…which means that I will have to face the negative consequences of life too…living alone is not easy moreover my lifestyle and India make it more tough.
And in the short time that I have in Oman, I have too many things to cover up…I have to get my laptop cleaned and formatted and I am thinking of installing Windows 7 – if available in the market or on net. I would have to visit CFO and get my mark sheet from there. Apart from these I also need to do some shopping – particularly clothes for me and my sis (And I’m very lazy to shop). If all done in time, I want spend time with mom and dad as I will be staying far from now on for very long periods…
But before that I need to prepare for my finals coming up in April-May and I am really running off time…I hope with right time management (I never mastered this in my life and I try to, I fuck up the whole ) I well can get over the finals.
Ok guys, I will keep on posting more and of course there is lot to read too in all your blogs…so get ready for my comments!
And do wish me best of luck for final revision! 

This too shall pass....


Actually that is what I have been saying to myself from the last few weeks and it seems like my life is still and passing....
I have finished with those tests and I don't know of the results. My mom is still happy with her grandson and having her dentures fixed (she is now grandmom..) and I am in that same ol' Hyderabad where I split my time btwn books and TV.
My cousin bro does take me out regularly but somehow I feel as though I am dead!
Oh! Leave it! there's lot to live! :)

So Valentine's Day is up...uh! I am bombarded with news that Valentine's Day is banned in India, I don't know how far it is true but Sri Rama Sena had said so! (To be frank I derive no inspirational values from either Ramayana or Mahabharatha....they seem like some tele serials for the then people. Completely confusing and useless....coz to live a good life you don't need to be some scholar in Puranas or religious txts. Helping others will suffice. )I am still ashamed that parties like Sri Rama Sena and Shiv Sena (at times BJP) are not banned in India. Renuka Chowdary had been shouting that some action should be taken on such religious addicted  parties.  I think until  she  starts  biting  people will not listen

Well, despite such hot things, I am happy that Indian lovers are all ready to blow themselves off on 14th. I am eager to see Hyderabad on 14th
The Best Valentine's Day I had was 2 years back, my ex and me....I think in garden....and last year was the horrible one as that was the day I knew I am about to split up...If I was in Muscat I could have spent the day to myself or with some friend
Well this year I am intending to sleep the whole day as I am sleepless for last 2 nights...(this fucking weather is cold and hot and cold...I have come out and in of my quilts!)

Wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. And do post your experiences....

So...I hope that "this fucking boring period of my life  too shall pass."

Still a strange way...


A lot to write of many things which include my new found interest in gardening, shaving and hanging out but not now...
All this time I was trying to get my wifi and I could not get it and finally gave up..when it will arrive...I will see to it...
SO, guys whats up? I actually need to ask this as I have no clue what the heck is going on with the outr world and forget about Oman. (btw did we really win the gulf cup!!!!)I was pretty busy as you see read, I am now having my practicals in my bit clumsy dusting off my mind..and books....
Meanwhile, I am getting bored to hell in here as I am NOT with my LAPTOP, iPOD and not even a PEN DRIVE.  They are all seized from me by my sis who felt that I spend more time with them than with my books.(Don't believe her)
I know it is odd as it is without internet and now not even a laptop Uggh!!
Here is a friend of mine (real and good one) who blogs (I think) awesome: Kiran do visit him and encourage him

ps: to Jana I will edit that post soon
to Gill thanks for putting me in the list!


Bobby Bollozou
hoping to become normal again

Six Random Things about me...


Mean Reds in Muscat had tagged me...long time ago..but you know, so MRM I am sorry for sucha late response...

1) I am the 2nd  winner of the Neurological Science Quiz 2008 conducted by Nizam's Institiute of Medical Sciences - I was even awarded a medal for this thing - I participated in many quizzes  and my dream is to become one day a quiz master like Anne Robinson and teach the Bollywood stars (who know nothing and host quiz shows ) a lesson
 ~~ the fun part was that I left the school I represented the next week after the quiz!

2) I am with Mean Reds when it comes to marriage - I don't get it why people bug me and my opinions on marriage - guys I am just 18! And when I conformed to my mom that I will NEVER marry - she started crying - I simply don't get it!  Is it obligatory to marry someone to live a happy life -- I don't think so...I love loneliness! I think after 3 break ups I have become selfish and narcissist!!
On the other hand, my sis - who was eager to turn 18 so that she could be married -- she forced my parents to get her married early to her lover boy - who is a son of my uncle (mom's bro)...

3) Though you may find it hard or weird....I know A-to-Z of make-up! I know hows and whats of this science -- though I never tried my knowledge on anyone else other than my sister...who is pretty impressed by my skills...but I can't figure out when and where I learned it....and my fave is smoky eyes

4) I haven't cooked anything since I have come to India - it gets complicated here coz Indians (my family)  feel that kitchen is a woman's place and if you have cock - you better not cook ! -- I know stupid -- sometimes I feel like cooking such people

5) Coffee in India sucks - I have tried everything from Bru to Sunrise - I don't get the taste I enjoyed in  Oman - and it is so sugary -I think the coffee itself is some 3000 do these people drink this (making weird noises while drinking ....zuuurrrrrrr....zuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...zurrr..uffff.zrrr) and enjoy that - I wish I could drag them to some Starbucks or Cafe Latierre! I am eager for some good coffee - Oh I am starving

6) My toy box never contained anything violent like guns, racing cars...the normal boy's stuff I simply feel that I  never like anything violent - even in gaming  I never played anything like Quake or Hitman! (they are my sis's )...the last game I played was nearly 4 years ago and it was sis is playing Tomb Raider! - she should in Indian Armed Forces!!

the USB modem I ordered was rejected because I need to be a local ( any idiot fucker who lives in Hyderabad, even a terrorist will get this but I wouldn't WTF!) to get that and as I am living with my uncle...I am no local so I am rejected -- I thought I am in India which is one country and I am in my own state - Andhra Pradesh - not in some Andaman and Nicobar - so why am I not a local I don't get it!!
So what, I am going to get the modem from my sis's place -- under my sis's name!! I am very cunning haha!