Still a strange way...


A lot to write of many things which include my new found interest in gardening, shaving and hanging out but not now...
All this time I was trying to get my wifi and I could not get it and finally gave up..when it will arrive...I will see to it...
SO, guys whats up? I actually need to ask this as I have no clue what the heck is going on with the outr world and forget about Oman. (btw did we really win the gulf cup!!!!)I was pretty busy as you see read, I am now having my practicals in my bit clumsy dusting off my mind..and books....
Meanwhile, I am getting bored to hell in here as I am NOT with my LAPTOP, iPOD and not even a PEN DRIVE.  They are all seized from me by my sis who felt that I spend more time with them than with my books.(Don't believe her)
I know it is odd as it is without internet and now not even a laptop Uggh!!
Here is a friend of mine (real and good one) who blogs (I think) awesome: Kiran do visit him and encourage him

ps: to Jana I will edit that post soon
to Gill thanks for putting me in the list!


Bobby Bollozou
hoping to become normal again

Six Random Things about me...


Mean Reds in Muscat had tagged me...long time ago..but you know, so MRM I am sorry for sucha late response...

1) I am the 2nd  winner of the Neurological Science Quiz 2008 conducted by Nizam's Institiute of Medical Sciences - I was even awarded a medal for this thing - I participated in many quizzes  and my dream is to become one day a quiz master like Anne Robinson and teach the Bollywood stars (who know nothing and host quiz shows ) a lesson
 ~~ the fun part was that I left the school I represented the next week after the quiz!

2) I am with Mean Reds when it comes to marriage - I don't get it why people bug me and my opinions on marriage - guys I am just 18! And when I conformed to my mom that I will NEVER marry - she started crying - I simply don't get it!  Is it obligatory to marry someone to live a happy life -- I don't think so...I love loneliness! I think after 3 break ups I have become selfish and narcissist!!
On the other hand, my sis - who was eager to turn 18 so that she could be married -- she forced my parents to get her married early to her lover boy - who is a son of my uncle (mom's bro)...

3) Though you may find it hard or weird....I know A-to-Z of make-up! I know hows and whats of this science -- though I never tried my knowledge on anyone else other than my sister...who is pretty impressed by my skills...but I can't figure out when and where I learned it....and my fave is smoky eyes

4) I haven't cooked anything since I have come to India - it gets complicated here coz Indians (my family)  feel that kitchen is a woman's place and if you have cock - you better not cook ! -- I know stupid -- sometimes I feel like cooking such people

5) Coffee in India sucks - I have tried everything from Bru to Sunrise - I don't get the taste I enjoyed in  Oman - and it is so sugary -I think the coffee itself is some 3000 do these people drink this (making weird noises while drinking ....zuuurrrrrrr....zuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...zurrr..uffff.zrrr) and enjoy that - I wish I could drag them to some Starbucks or Cafe Latierre! I am eager for some good coffee - Oh I am starving

6) My toy box never contained anything violent like guns, racing cars...the normal boy's stuff I simply feel that I  never like anything violent - even in gaming  I never played anything like Quake or Hitman! (they are my sis's )...the last game I played was nearly 4 years ago and it was sis is playing Tomb Raider! - she should in Indian Armed Forces!!

the USB modem I ordered was rejected because I need to be a local ( any idiot fucker who lives in Hyderabad, even a terrorist will get this but I wouldn't WTF!) to get that and as I am living with my uncle...I am no local so I am rejected -- I thought I am in India which is one country and I am in my own state - Andhra Pradesh - not in some Andaman and Nicobar - so why am I not a local I don't get it!!
So what, I am going to get the modem from my sis's place -- under my sis's name!! I am very cunning haha!