This too shall pass....


Actually that is what I have been saying to myself from the last few weeks and it seems like my life is still and passing....
I have finished with those tests and I don't know of the results. My mom is still happy with her grandson and having her dentures fixed (she is now grandmom..) and I am in that same ol' Hyderabad where I split my time btwn books and TV.
My cousin bro does take me out regularly but somehow I feel as though I am dead!
Oh! Leave it! there's lot to live! :)

So Valentine's Day is up...uh! I am bombarded with news that Valentine's Day is banned in India, I don't know how far it is true but Sri Rama Sena had said so! (To be frank I derive no inspirational values from either Ramayana or Mahabharatha....they seem like some tele serials for the then people. Completely confusing and useless....coz to live a good life you don't need to be some scholar in Puranas or religious txts. Helping others will suffice. )I am still ashamed that parties like Sri Rama Sena and Shiv Sena (at times BJP) are not banned in India. Renuka Chowdary had been shouting that some action should be taken on such religious addicted  parties.  I think until  she  starts  biting  people will not listen

Well, despite such hot things, I am happy that Indian lovers are all ready to blow themselves off on 14th. I am eager to see Hyderabad on 14th
The Best Valentine's Day I had was 2 years back, my ex and me....I think in garden....and last year was the horrible one as that was the day I knew I am about to split up...If I was in Muscat I could have spent the day to myself or with some friend
Well this year I am intending to sleep the whole day as I am sleepless for last 2 nights...(this fucking weather is cold and hot and cold...I have come out and in of my quilts!)

Wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day. And do post your experiences....

So...I hope that "this fucking boring period of my life  too shall pass."