spring cleaning...heart cleaning


This happens always...whenever we leave Dad at home - leave and return to see a hell out of it!
Now that we've been away for whole three months, the home is like anything...papers, books, ash, vessels, leftovers, clothes...and the list is endless.
Well, it took me and mom to get back everything in shape, but we are not still satisfied...we finished with kitchen and hall...and bathrooms are to be done (their condition is unexplainable)
Meantime I have finish some studying also...and my significant other called up -so there may be a date on Saturday. But I dunno if we can make it becoz both of us are having exams that very day...weird.
What is more weird is find the stuff(a gift) of an ex-buddy inside my house - dad said that he wanted to re-establish the relationship - which infuriated me...I mean he was the one who started the fight, he blamed me and made my parents shout at me (they never do this usually)...and now he wants be back...errrrr....I hope some devil fucks him to death

..well that for now...I am enjoying the sun here and it is indeed awesome...I didn't call anyone that I'm here...neither do I wish to as I am going to stay for a very less time!


jana z. said...

so your dad left a mess yeah?? lol. you know men cant take care of themselves properly when left alone.

soooooo, i thought you broke it off with the s.o.??!! whats up with that.

Bobby said...

well...it is some kind of on-off with this s.o. - n btwn u n me it is getting rather annoying