What the hell does my ex-buddy want?


From the I arrived from India, I'm really annoyed by the fact that an ex friend of mine (who lives and works in WK) with whom I have cut all relations is still continuing to bother the hell with me.
After a continuous friendship of two years, we had a clash on our opinions on God - he is a devout and I am an atheist - I never asked him to become like me - but he opposed my views and had a big fight uselessly on such a personal issue. Even after the fight, I continued but he started ignoring me and he started criticizing my lifestyle - and finally I have to quit! I have never seen such an idiot - who would loose a friend over a personal choice of the other. In my friends, I have everyone from religious, non believers, gays, lesbos, whites,blacks - everyone but we never discriminate each other as what they are of their choices or an involuntary genetic disposition that they can't help. Right?

He and I had a really nasty ending and I thought it was over. Now he is bugging me in many ways, first he somehow befriended my neighbors who praise him day and night, and now he is targeting my societal  friends - and people who are friends with him are ignoring me and some have stopped talking to me (I wonder what he tells them'bout me) . He wanted to get near to my dad and mom also - my dad himself said that he visited nearly four times while I was in India...
Luckily, my loyal school friends are still with me and they knew right from the beginning how nasty he had become with me. And in fact, my "significant other" predicted such clash and asked to cut relations long before - she is so so clever!! But as usual I didn't listen!

BUT now, I actually can't understand what he wants! He is behaving like a congenital schmuck! But more cussing can make me moronic! 

Anyway, I am only here for a few days to spend with my mom and dad and friends - so I think it is useless to think of such annoying things - so...on the brighter side, I did some shopping for me and my sis - I got new jeans and a shirt from Sana Fashions - now I think I will get more clothes - Centrpoint? I never visited it!


Mean Reds in Muscat said...

Hi Bobby,
Religious fervor does strange things to people, and I have had my own experience with this. You can interpret your ex-buddy's refusal to let you live in peace two ways. First, if he had deep feelings for you as a friend, he wants you to share his religious devotion because it is giving his life so much meaning. This is thinking of his attitude in a positive way. Second, if your friendship was characterized by things that you used to do together that he now considers to be forbidden by his faith (e.g., drinking, smoking, sex, etc.), your friendship is a reminder of his sinful nature, and this would explain why he doesn't leave you alone. This is thinking of his attitude in a negative way.
It's hard for me to give you a more definite analysis without meeting him, but please tell me this: Does he talk about you badly to people other than your family? If yes, what is it exactly that he is saying about you?

Bobby said...

Well, with him, it came all of a sudden - even before the fight he knew I had no interest in religion or godly things.

So from an open minded person - he became an idiot.he hated my ever changing lovers! He hated me hanging out with my gay frnds...but then, he knew them all before - I feel some madness of religion and god caught on him overnight!

And no! he doesn't take bad of my parents - he likes them...but I think he messed enough of my name in the surroundings - I too learned to keep away from him and his frnds!

Mean Reds in Muscat said...

His anger at your ever-changing lovers and at your gay friends is probably not religiously motivated, nor even real anger; it appears to be jealousy. To paraphrase William Congreve (not Shakespeare, as most people think), "heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a lover scorned."

Based on what you have told me, the sense I am getting is that he himself had very deep feelings for you, which have gone unfulfilled, and to deal with this "unrequited love," he has picked a fight on an unrelated issue (i.e., religion) to "break away from you."

Mixed into all of this is that it is also possible that he has found religion and, as a result, feels guilty about his true feelings for you. You are the symbol of his guilt...therefore, he fights with you.

Bobby said...

I think you are right - considering the other things he used to say to me.
But that's not the way to behave! right? I never had any love feelings for him and he was not even "open" in the sense...
so if yes,he is suffer'g what you say, then truly according his religion - he should be guilty - very guilty!

And that quote - I always thought it was Shakespeare's - it looks Shakespearean!

Mean Reds in Muscat said...

What other things did he used to say to you?