I AM leaving for India 2nite....forever and frustataed!!


What you read is true! I'm leaving Oman...I'm! Not my parents!

I don't want to come back! Not that I don't love Oman but I have to go! I can't tell what all happened but I want leave early and I am leaving tonight! I have no intentions of coming back either! Until some people leave the country! (some ppl includes that idiot ex-buddy!)
or I do something like...........

I think I will need time to recover and get into public life...before I end up being violent or worse..self violent.....I just to go away from all the stuff and people for sometime!
I may blog once in India but I can't be sure.

I also have exams to deal! FUCK!


Mean Reds in Muscat said...

Bobby, If you need to talk, I sent you my phone number by email.
Whatever you decide to do, be yourself, and be happy!

Anonymous said...

dude - u really want to allow a third person's(ur ex friend) cheap tactics get the better of you. Dont you think thet even if you leave, it gonna haunt you....

Shula-B said...

Best wishes.

jana z. said...

bobby, come on man. please dont let anything get under your skin like that! please!! youre one of my complete faves. please try to relax ok?

Kevin said...

wow...this is heavy...i wish you the best and hope you find safety wherever you go.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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