Back onto the world....


Finally.....Finally, I am back online...that too under my name!!!
But this internet connection has cost me almost an arm and leg...not that its that costly but I had seroius hard time convincing my uncle to let me have it. He still fears that I may spoil his son (did I tell you that he is 27 n I'm 18) via internet.

I literally refused to eat until I have net and this had created quite a stir but I needed it badly...some kind of primitive need.
Exams over and I am out with a guy whom we will call Mr.A.for time being, gr8 guy! hv'g gr8 time!
Odd that few weeks ago, I'm addicted to sedatives to combat chronic insomnia........

So i will back soon fully with regular blogging and commenting

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jana z. said...

welcome back...was wondering about you and missed you. how strange. now im an insomniac...cant sleep without meds.

we've changed places.