Suffering gross side-effects of Dieting


All my life, I kept trying one or another diet in my own way. Always trying to shed all the flab through some magical diet. It started when I was 15 or so and weighed a whopping 120 kilos. I took the resolve to shed all the fat and become slender but it never worked. From then on I am cutting on and on about what I am eating.
Now, after three years I have reduced to 95 kilos - after more than 3 years of dieting, I am still in the "overweight section" of BMI.
From the common low-fat diet to the (in)famous low-carb diet, my body went through all the stress - I never settled on one diet and at times I went extreme like all-juice diet or raw-diet. They all helped me in modifying my eating habits. Low-carb diet is one which I love and detest equally - the diet is not only bleak and tasteless but also so weakening that my mom scared I will be on IVF by the time I finish the diet. But, it worked showing such significant weight loss that I never felt with any other diet. I was weakly glad. That was a year or so ago!

But I gained the lost weight soon after that, I went back on a low fat diet. More than diet, I intentionally and successfully reduced my portion sizes - I now eat less than half what I used to eat three year ago. I have even used medicines too to induce weight loss - I used Ayurvedic medicines which called for strict diet excluding almost everything except lemons and honey and those laxatives which I used under doctor's supervision - they worked though I wouldn't recommend it.
Exercise was something I started late, my main activity was walking/jogging but I also had lots of flexibility and stretching exercises as well. Now I have very flexible and agile body. The hard work is paying off after all.
thats me in 2006 and now...

Then came all those things which many don't talk about...those awful side effects of weight loss and dieting. The significant side effect in me is wrinkles on my tummy, on my toes...the skin has become rough and flaky. My hair too has lost its lustre and shine and has split ends and breaks. Though oddly my nails aren't affected, their growth however has slowed down compared to the past. The weakness has become something used to but hey I wasn't that drained off - after some deviation from diet I normally recovered.

And more indirectly I have created those eating habits that are very unsuitable in can't expect a bowl of oatmeal for morn or clear soup as a starter for is almost impossible. The breakfast here consists of idlis or oily dosas and the lunch is a huge pile of rice with always oily curries or acidic pickles...
But since I am eating less there isn't any weight gain! So till now glad! And once I will start living on my own - I will revert to my old eating habits which are indeed very odd for a common Indian.


jana z. said...

wow bobby!!!! i am truly impressed! i was already impressed with your weight loss just while reading but when i saw the pics i was look a totally different person.

look, speaking as a nurse, you gotta start taking vitamin supplements with iron to get your body back into a healthy state and free yourself from the flaking, bad hair etc etc etc....youve probably lost alot of vitamins in your body solely due to the constant dieting.

but you look great even though you look like a sweetheart still back in 2006.

i lost weight too so i know very well about the saggy wrinkly skin..aint fun is it my lil "common indian" brother!!

lol i love the stuff you write about. youre so honest.

Christopher said...

Nice blog...I had to come by and say hello.

Undercover Dragon said...

I've always found not eating very much works wonders in the loosing weight dept.

Well done!

Just be more selective, often skip meals, and drink lots of water.



Jet Driver said...

Bobby - you need to start exercising. Dieting alone is not going to help.

I know it is hot over there and over here but you have to get the activities.

Running, weights, cycling - a mixture of all of them.
Interval training will give you the best weight loss results.

If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to put out more than you put in - this is vital.

Limit your food content to 2500 calories a day. Starving yourself will not work. You're still a big guy so you need to eat.

5 small meals a day from now on, with two of those "meals" being protein shakes.
Porridge in the morning, or three eggs.
NO CARBS after 2pm - before is fine.

Interval training:
Find a quiet street or area: Walk for 5 minutes to warm up, run 30 seconds FLAT OUT FAST AS YOU CAN GO, 2 minute walk to recover. Repeat the 30sec/120sec process for a total of twenty minutes - go home. Do this every two days: on the days in between, walk at a medium pace for at least an hour.

Drink at least three large bottles of water a day.

Stick with it for at least three months.

redstar said...

If the low carb stuff was working, why did you stop?

I have never met anyone who kept weight off following low fat type diets.

Everyone I know who has lost weight and kept it off has followed a general low or lower carb approach, with some practical exercise.

I can see how hard it is to do low carb when surrounded by traditional Indian food though!

Anonymous said...

Dude, is that an ISM uniform you're wearing in the 2006 pic?

Anyway, I wouldn't worry about idlis, etc. for breakfast - South Indian food's the healthiest. Just work in some exercise to keep the weight off.

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