Top 5 Indian male habits that suck!


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The Staring Habit:
Males all over love to stare at women. Indian males love to keep staring at women. They’ll stare you to death if they want to. You can try giving them ‘the look’ in the eye but no use. Somehow their eyes are rock solid, on target. They scan you from top to bottom and left to right. Their dark eyes scan every inch of flesh on you. 

They have not left me - my height attracts so much looks...:(

The Stinking Habit:
Indian guys stink, to the core. Guys this is a a wake up call. I believe that guys think investing in a 100 buck deodorant hurts more than investing in stocks. Every time a guy walks by and I can feel that disgusting body odor. I wonder if you guys even hit the showers every day.
Can't agree more....I spend most of my money on perfumes, sprays and hair-removers

The Peeing on the streets Habit:
This is not new. At any given time there’s an Indian guy peeing across the street in the public right in front of a sign that says, “Yahaan peshaab karna mana hai” meaning you can’t pee here. Just because you guys can pee standing up doesn’t mean you must pee everywhere. Use the public loo next time.
Many do it - I jus don't understand from where do they all get the guts to do it!

The Comment passing Habit:
Walk across a bunch of guys and your ears automatically gear up to pick up the sound signals. Every single woman in the country is so bloody used to these comments that it doesn’t bother most of them anymore. Sexually unfulfilled, testosterone charged males would make all sorts of attempts to prove their worthiness out on the streets.
Yup! Neetu is right! As a brother of many sisters, I have learned to bother the comments and commentators  and taught them (wit hand) to shut up!

The Over-friendly Habit:
Indian males tend to become over-friendly for all kinds of reasons known to them. Go to a public place and drop a pin, hundreds of men jump out of nowhere and battle to get that pin back to you. Then they’ll strike a conversation with you. They’ll want to know all sorts of personal things about you. They just don’t seem to stop. There’s a fine line between being a gentleman and being uncomfortably friendly. Indian men cross the line as usual.
Okay! I have to defend! Oddly, a bunch of girls tried to strike friendship with me last time at the college! Did I tell you that they were all Muslims in burqas (abaya)

I am being generous in not dealing with other worse habits like "ball-scratching", splitting saliva, public nose digging and thrusting hips at others in buses.......

Don't worry! Since I grew outside India, I don't have such habits except stink! 
 Anything else you can think of? Please post them as comments

Note: Both Neetu and me are being practical, humorous and talking in general! If you think this hurts, kindly F*ck off! I have no time to listen to such comments! Alternatively you can laugh and move on


Jet Driver said...

Great new design Bobby! - well done

Nabsj said...

LOL, Indian men arent the only ones who stare, Arabs do as well. :P!

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