A friend of mine, Omnibus - tagged me on Multiply..thought I might share! ENJOY!
1. What type of M&M's are your favorite?
 The green ones. :)

2. Gay Marriage?
Yes, Should be legalised
3. Lower the legal drinking age?
 18 - I am past that!
4. Red vines or twizzler?
I wanna eat both

5. Who is the best hugger that you know?

6. Do you believe in love at first sight?
I don't know. It never happened to me

7. Is there something you want to tell someone? 
Yes, so many things to so many people

8. What brand of shirt are you wearing? 
Pepe jeans

9. Would you kiss anyone on your friend's list? 
*chuckles* Yup!!

10. Favorite Disney movie?

11. How many kids do you want to have? 
I have not decided yet!

12. Have you ever dated anyone in the military?

13. Do you wanna change your name?
Yes!...at least change its spelling

14. Last time you saw your father?
2 weeks ago...I will see him in a month's time

15. What did you do for your last birthday?

16.What time did you wake up today?

17. What were you doing at midnight last night?
chatting with my Indo-Filipino friend

18. Name something you CANNOT wait to do:  

Nice one! Do try and lemme know!

One year....so fast?


I still feel it was yesterday or so, seeing my sis being rushed into the operation hall somewhere near midnight, while we all waited anxiously as she gave birth to a extremely cute son...
And here I am now at his first birthday party..with all the relatives rushing in to wish him...
Isn't it odd how fast children grow? (AH! I sound like an elder!)

This lad, still remains un-named formally but we call him "Amy" at home! So Happy B'day Amy!
And he started teething recently (oh yes, he does bite hard!)...we are eager...

Random thoughts from my gr8 grndfather's bed....


Okay, I have been opening blogger, and intending to write something or the other and then leaving midday either out of boredom or laziness or remembrance of some incident or job....
And neither do I see any of the interesting topics (I am sorry!!Muscat blogosphere is severely dull!) that provoke me to write a blog on nor there is much happening in my life now that I am blobbing to tell you all...it seems some kind of stagnant period of my life - Home>college> Home>College - sounds rather nerdy but yeah that hows life is...

It had been such a long time that I have actually talked to someone on the issues I would talk on (like films, music blah blah). The recent hot topics of my mind had been Organic chemistry, DNA fingerprinting and how to bunk the English class...
Friends are here many and they are very much unlike those at Muscat, in fact I can say both extremes of life...while my muscat friends are pompous, gaudy, promiscuous and open mined those that are here are simple, superstitious, conserved and scared (of my gigantic physique). Except one or two, I don't talk to many yet my name all around in the college...(instant fame when you are an NRI and 6 ft plus)

Apart from the boring things I am into, there is something that I had been planning and pursuing -- it is restoration of our family's antiques (mostly furniture and some paintings, statues, books, manuscripts and stuff like that). At present I have shifted some of the furniture from my inhabitated ancestral house to here - which includes a bed that belonged to my great grandfather (nearly 100 years old), a table that was made by maternal grand father, a 1970 model table fan of my grandma, an undated clock....I had been also sorting ut books of my grandpa and reorganising them...though the task is time consuming but it is interesting also...

Apart from that, I am also focussing on my weight loss once again but I am waiting for the winter to start as it is quite dangerous to change any diet in monsoon because immunity will be affected...Swine flu is not here as far as the reports go, but yes I find it very worrying that it is rampant in Muscat...so folks up there please be very careful...alert..at least wear the masks, wash your hands...Ok!

Just to add, now that my "A" is up there in North, I was too lazy to any move in my love life, I was lazy to search I didn't want to deceive...but then suddenly, ppl are taking my numbers and calling me and inviting me...for a coffee/ chat or whatnot....ain't it not silly that no one turns up when you really need someone in life...but ha, whenever time is there I go

Its raining from 8 hours....


You all know how much I hate when it rains, and my hatred increased when I broke up with my ex for my ex loved rain like hell...
And now, here I am in the middle of true Indian monsoon, all wet, muddy and sliperry with pigs and dgs fighting in the rains pools...I feel I am drowned.
On my way back from my college, a truck hit the pool on the road sending my croc tee (white) to all coffee colored......grrr...I wanted to call the police....
Anyway, thats minor when  compared to the 3 hour power cut we had today due to the rain, the news says that rain will/ may continue for next 48 hours and they may tide over the drought which otherwise will start on the South...
I am starting to like rains - I can't imagine of being deprived of water or fighting with ladies at water tanks...
Naa...it is not  that bad, but yeah, its that foggy and watery...but one thing, rain in the paddy fields at the end of the town are an awesome vista to see...
But yeah...too much of rain may spoil the crops...all seems new and awe for this is the first time I am living in the countryside of  India...

Bobby back on blogging


It is just minutes my broadband has been activated and I am all in high sprits to blog and share where I am and what I am upto....bu then time is such restraint and I am equally lazy.
Anyway, I am now doing bachelors in biotech - genetics somewhere down in South of India...the teachers and fellas are good...
I living near to the college, in an apartment surrounded with antique furniture and paintings...brought from my ancestral home...
Dad and mom are in India, so sis came to stay with us with her cute son...
So, this bobby is lil chubby again for some time....
India after all is a nice place to live...when with power and water.........