My love for Shobhaa De


It was five or six years back, when I first found Shobhaa De's book in an old carton full of books.
Something made me read it. I didn't understand the book then, but I read it...till end

After her, I read many Indian authors, older and senior and better than her but I still love Shobha De the most. My dad and his literary friends criticized me and her...they apparently find her writings erotic than needed, exaggerated and unrealistic...but I find them full of that is hidden from the open society, dirty lives that we all live hideously...

Perhaps, my unreasonable devotion for this writer is the writerherself, than her writings...because she looks at the world in some oddkind of way, never restricting to the social boundaries is what thatkeeps me read her books...

Whatever, there are some things that are unreasonable, so is perhaps this.

As I recall, my first book I read was Sultry Days, then I didn't find any of her book. Until recently, while in Hyderabad, in an old bookshop I found Shobha's Snapshots (the previous owner of the book curiously scribbled "Woof! Too hot!" on the front page...I still wonder why...coz I never found anything Hot in it) along with her Speedpost, Starry Nights...

Apart from Starry Nights, I am clinging on to another thriller called Cyclops by Clive Cussler


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