"Ode to autam and yapples"


Yep! Yp u got it! It is yet another WTF blunder of my English Prof.
This time, it is with something more respectful, The Ode to Autumn by Divine John Keats....
So his version is here for you:

Seazon of mistz and mellow fruit-fullness
Cloze bausom-friend of the matuuring sun
Conspiring with him how tew load yand bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;
Tew bynd with Yapples the moss'd cottage-treez,

And it went on and on, until we reached the word "o'erbrimmed" and he said "O" "ER" brimmed - does anyone know what it means???" I didn't say anything, not even to my friends...nothing...I was o'erbrimmed with remorse...or worse...

Well, the complaints, I heard have gone against him, (I didn't complain) at least I assume cause my Vice Principal had said something that meant "...to send away those (profs) who aren't good, we first need better ones..."

So...I am waiting....

Change...you can't see it coming...change...


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