The salt-less diet


IT is the new craze down here. Ask anyone, they will tell of a million reasons to stop eating salt. In fact, eating salt is now considered as something compared to eating with hands in the western world.

But the diet is simple: Cook everything without salt, and less amount of oil.
The real mess begins when we taste what we have cooked for especially  Indian cuisine demands a minimum level of salt, chilli and oil...remove them from the is better to starve.

So, the diet comes with salt re-placers like groundnut powder(?), dried cabbage powder(???), til seed powder...pomegranate seed powder (??????) to add taste and nutrition to the food. Chillis are also expected to be avoided and the diet lays importance on consumption of various vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, fruits mainly papaya.

This diet's proponent, Dr. Raju - who conducts various programmes to promote naturo-pathy and this diet claims that even diabetes be brought under control. He says that weight will be 'healthy' as there will be no 'fat' loss but the excess amount of water that is stored in the body will be eliminated because, salt retains excess amounts of water in body.

He also recommends various 'cleansing' methods of gut - some call for natural laxatives, to reduce weight.
All is good! The weight loss is fast and easy when the diet is 'strictly' followed but then once we stop, the weight gain is also equally fast.

My cousin brother who weighed 93 kilos at the start took this diet and in 3 months, he got down to 75 kilos - his dedication to this diet is awesome and he in fact improvised it by adding loads of fibre, vegetable juices, and salt-less recipes.

And here I am jumping, jogging, skipping (meals also) from last 4 or 5 months and having lost just 13 kilos...
But me taking up salt less diet is almost impossible with my mom staying in India with me...she openly refused to cook without salt and she insists that salt is crucial for ion balance within the body - a complete removal of salt can put the body into dehydration and ultimately weaken the metabolism.

There is truth in her words too...because the sodium is important in nerve impulse transmission as well as an important mineral, the deficiency of which can cause dizziness and cramps...

So I am hanging between a lucrative diet and the risk of screwing up my nerve....

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Niche Topics said...

Hey dude, that's interesting! Salt by itself does not contribute to weight gain as it has zero calories. However, high consumption of salt results in temporary weight gain. Maybe, your cousin's brother weight loss was due to the fact that food taste not too good without salt, so he ate less?? Anyway, I can never enjoy curry without/less salt!It lacks the "punch", if you know what I mean...

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