Etiquette of Exams and Mysore Bondas


I wonder why? Why I am so sluggish today? I am having exams at college, and I am no way thrilled of them. In fact I am bunking an exam today, doing so for the first time in life.

The exams I gave till date....sigh.....I am very disappointed with my performance in the recent exams and I have just three things to say why I been such fucked up:

First, the invigilator, should be vigilant and his duty is to vigil not TALK with us! Bloody idiots! All they did is to disturb me and others..."Why are drawing you so many diagrams?" "Why are writing you so slowly?" WTF they want? I want to get each of them fired....

Secondly, We are student so of University level, not of Kindergarten and I am amazed how many turned up without appropriate stationary....I am irritated when someone asks me..."Can I have pencil?" and worse if the person takes it without asking!!

Third, I dunno which bugger arranged the seats, I am seated next to a seriously retarded dude...for the physics exams, he would write just one page, and the rest of the time, he would play with my colour pens....BLOODY HELL!

Many think I am putting up reasons for my up-coming low marks. Anyway, the complaints have already been sent in...and if I see no effect, I am no way hesitant to write to the University...

I don't want my blog to become some whining leave it!
Coming to some colourful side of life, I am addicted to these things:

Don't freak! These are edible! They are dollops of flour/curd mixt...deep fried in hot oil. These can be compared to our Aloo Bonda, except these are without the potato gravy inside. These are not available in Muscat!
And guess what? Miraculously I am not even putting on weight! But these too soon had to go as I will take diet ( I am growing excessively jealous over Mrs.Cush/ Angry's work! So I am kinda eager to start off, but equally lazy!)


Being Pramoda... said...

hi Bobby..

well convincing reasons..:)..:)..I too have frnds who had bunked the exams for such reasons .. hehe..:)

:)..all the best for the rest of them...:)

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