Man who threw the dog off bridge...


INCENSED internet users have united to catch a man who threw a helpless dog off a busy bridge.

A Lithuanian man was filmed by friends joking that "dogs can fly" before throwing the dog off a bridge.

The footage was then posted on the internet, initially sparking outrage on Lithuanian websites before spreading across the world.

Footage of the incident shows the man carrying the dog - which appears calm in the man's arms - to the side of the bridge.

The video also shows a friend filming the incident on a mobile phone, all laughing as the offender prepares to throw the dog.

After checking that no traffic is around, the man walks to the side of the bridge and calmly throws the dog.

Heartbreaking footage shows the dog hitting the ground before yelping in pain and appearing unable to move.

The dog miraculously survives the fall, with vets later treating it for internal injuries.

The Mail reports that as footage of the incident spread across the internet, Facebook groups and online forums united to catch the offender.

They posted photos of the man, with local police recognising the offender.

The man, identified by the Daily Mail as Svajunas Beniuk, eventually handed himself into police, who later issued a statement to internet users thanking them for their help.

The offender now faces animal cruelty charges.

This sub human should be thrown off the very same bridge.  

Arab on a treadmill


A guy in kandoora on a treadmill:

just for fun guys...

A busy WTF week!


I thought everyone would think that I to have taken tweeting but no! I was seriously busy with all the college stuff draining life out of me. But hey, most the week is over now, so time to let my hair down.
Mostly it is due chemistry practicals that are going and we are doing salt analysis which I am not getting...of the six lab session, not even once I got it all right! That's odd!
My ex-buddy called me to tell How Bullsh*tty happy is becoz he is going to get married!! And he *cordially invited" me...WTF!! I had a huge huge fight with him a year or so back I have completely stopped talking to him...and now he expects me to forgive all that insanity and be good way!!

Today we dissected a apple snail in the lab turned out to be awesome but of course some girls went sick...mine went all well except I had cut its intestine...and it stinks like hell!

I also bought a new book from the local book-store, called Abel's Island by Willaim Steig a kid's book but I enjoyed it throughly!!!

In the meantime, I installed Ubuntu OS instead of Vista but I didn't like it so it took me much time to figure out how to get back to Windows...why I hated Ubuntu, I dunno! So in all this process, despite back-up, I lost a considerable chunk of data!!!
So I am at present taking all time installed the apps and bookmarking your blogs..

Tweeting, tweaking and screeching


Finally, I have evolved and took up to Twitter recently...with very less luck!
First time when I looked at my page, I almost dropped my jaw *Is this what ppl are behind?*
Ayway, I went on with all the ritualistic enrolment process and all I was to set up my mobile for it!!
Good! And thats what I have been trying to do from last 22 days or so!!
I send everything needed and I wait, wait and wait!! So, so far, Twitter hasn't impressed me....well I can't say I don't like it...but fingers crossed until my mob sets up!

My dad brought/ bought me an Antivirus programme from Mct...I didn't even to open till today what was it...somehow my AVG Antivirus fucked up and  I took to the one Dad brought, called Kapspersky....I have a good opnion on this but this took hours to load and then activiate and then update and scan....a wholsesome of 5-6 hours...of which for 2 hours it updated (my internet speed was decent) So far it hasn't done any heroic attempts to save from bugs..but lets see...

 I am hearing that Windows 7 is nicer and better...but I haven't yet laid my hands on it...a buddy and software freak named Vjay would install me that next week...again I am so curious whats in store for me, that I can hardly wait...{btw Vjay is a guy who is physically challenged and with an IQ of more than 150...he somehow inspires me to live a life than is not so shitty as mine is...but then c'est la vie! :) }
On the other hand, a guy met me online and called himself DDk, said that Win 7 is a crap...but nothing wrong in trying it right?

I fell in Love


yup with no one else other than myself...
after all how can I love others if I can't love myself?

it is no nonsense..I am just elated by all the good things that are happening to me...of course I can't tell all those good things but all I can let you know is that I am no longer "single"! Got it!