Tweeting, tweaking and screeching


Finally, I have evolved and took up to Twitter recently...with very less luck!
First time when I looked at my page, I almost dropped my jaw *Is this what ppl are behind?*
Ayway, I went on with all the ritualistic enrolment process and all I was to set up my mobile for it!!
Good! And thats what I have been trying to do from last 22 days or so!!
I send everything needed and I wait, wait and wait!! So, so far, Twitter hasn't impressed me....well I can't say I don't like it...but fingers crossed until my mob sets up!

My dad brought/ bought me an Antivirus programme from Mct...I didn't even to open till today what was it...somehow my AVG Antivirus fucked up and  I took to the one Dad brought, called Kapspersky....I have a good opnion on this but this took hours to load and then activiate and then update and scan....a wholsesome of 5-6 hours...of which for 2 hours it updated (my internet speed was decent) So far it hasn't done any heroic attempts to save from bugs..but lets see...

 I am hearing that Windows 7 is nicer and better...but I haven't yet laid my hands on it...a buddy and software freak named Vjay would install me that next week...again I am so curious whats in store for me, that I can hardly wait...{btw Vjay is a guy who is physically challenged and with an IQ of more than 150...he somehow inspires me to live a life than is not so shitty as mine is...but then c'est la vie! :) }
On the other hand, a guy met me online and called himself DDk, said that Win 7 is a crap...but nothing wrong in trying it right?

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