Best of '09


2009 - is the year that has changed me completely yet it didn't leave a mark of it -
The best things that happened to me this year

1. Lost 15 kilos:
I am in the best shape of my life. This was one of my life goals. I just could not believe that I got down my BMI levels from 31 to 26!!
I deserve a pat coz I stuck to my yesteryear's resolution to not to eat junk food...I ate junk food but less than before.

2. Learned to live alone
Much of this year, I have been away from my parent either left to all myself or with my uncle and aunt. Though initially it was depressing to be away from parent..but I got over it soon. Living alone teaches many things like time management..planning etc..and they help in long run.

3.Made new friends 
I think never have I before been so open and friendly than what I have been in 2009. Apart from my online friends I have made a hug number of friends in the college and it was cool! Yea, I miss my school buddies but then thanks to Facebook.

4. Mr. A 
Undeniably he is my best friend and his friendship is the best thing that ever happened to me. But life nowadays never gives us chance to meet in person but instead reproach each other's live on phone! sigh!

5. In my best love 
I wish this is my final one. So far, it had been great. I wish nothing nasty happen like the ones before. I had been so far successful in keeping my head clear and the whole affair distant from my daily life. Lets hope that I will hold the same approach to this one too.

6. Cuter than ever
Perhaps it was  due to my weight loss. I can see my cheek bones and of course the sexy jaw line. Couldn't believe that after all, those funny facial exercises worked! Only think I lament is my already dark skin became worse in India.

7. Read what I wished to read
I always wanted to read Indian English Literature, and this year I have read a considerable amount of books under this genre, But the books I wish to read has been ever increasing. I wish I knew how to read faster.

8. Gone Green
Its high time that everyone should have gone green. I went green (eco-friendly) just a few months ago. so far I was able to reduce the amount of plastic, water, electricity I use. But I dunno if I am I eat organic or not. I have also adopted a stray dog and I am thinking of buying a cat (if Dad and Mom say ok!)

9. Loving myself
 Accoding to a saying, "if you don't know how to love ourself than how will you love others?" I think though it may sound vague, it is indeed true. If we look at all the negative things in ourselves there is less chance that we see good things others.
This year in its own subtle way taught me to be what I am and learn to take pride in myself. Being frank and appreciating others really saves all the mess.


Raphael said...

i didnt know you used to be fat!

anyways, nice year u had-all in all!

happy new year!

Hamid Ali Sofi said...

Hi Bob,

I welcome you back to Oman. It is always nice to read your blog posts.
I m surprised to know that you have lost 15 KGs. I also feel that I m getting overweight. Please share with us some tips and tricks to lose weight fast. I desperately want to lose.

Thank you.

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