I am in Oman...


Oh yes, I landed yesterday night and I was jus catching up with all till now...still there are friends to call and so far I have amazed everyone with my slender frame (alright not so slender..) but yeah looking great and feeling great!

I am so so busy with cleaning all the stuff...wait....busy thinking to clean all the stuff but then lazy coz of  the weather. It just is so fine over here...loving it, loving you Muscat! Muah!
I think I may go for a long walk tonight...

but then I am thinking of meeting my ex-buddy, but then I dunno where the hell he lives now..:P
My home is a pile of mess, and my mom is a bundle of nerv at present looking at her kicthen..LOL!
So far everything is good and well...I wish I can unwind after all the studious life (LOL!!) in India!!

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