Of Miraclous BioDisk


BioDisk is a wellness tool which is produced by Amezcua, somehow I landed with one and from yesterday I kept staring at this glass disk...

The disc, made of 13 engineered natural minerals and fused using nanotechnology, and bought at great cost claims to improve energylevels, enhance the immune system, rejuvenate cells, and increase bloodoxygen level.

The Biodisk which claims to radiate vibrations that are similar to those of the vibrations released by the healing spring around the word. Many DVD tutorials came alng with the product on how to use this disc.
This disk seems to be an all-in-one solutions for everything starting from bad-tasted water to fertility problems.
To find more info clic here and here
I dunno if it really works or it just an ordinary glass piece...but I am thrilled.
On the other hand we have something (and so much) against it..

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