Racial Discrimination....


There is a hotel nearby, I knew the owner pretty well because he is a north Indian and I know his mother tounge well. We talk in his mother tongue..the normal chit-chat...

So I went today, and I gave my order and waited for the parcels to arrive. Meanwhile, I asked how much it costed me, and he said Rs 36. I gave him a Rs 100 currency note and he gave me back Rs 14.

Then he asked me how much I gave, I said "Rs 100" and he gave me the needed Rs. 50. And went back to counting his money. Then he looked at and started shouting in his language "Kaminey!(louser)You gave only Rs. 50! Give back my Rs. 50!!" I was shocked and politely asked him to check again! He wasn't no way listening to me!

In the mean time, men gathered around: The owner, went on shouting that I cheated on him! I openly asked him to take back Rs.50 if he wants, but I challenged him, I will show my Rs 100 note.

Taken aback, he said that he didn't need my money and insulted that my race itself is a cheating one! And over the decades, he had seen so may people like me!...then continued to the expletives (as if he only knew)

Lucky for him as he said that in his mother tongue! Had he had said that in the local language, the consequences would have been dire!
I collected my parcels in silence and left! Silent? NO way! My mind was screaming! But then...I remembered the famous lines of Wole Soyinka:
"Silence. Silenced transmission of
Pressurized good-breeding."

Yes! I sighed! Pressurized good breeding!
But for the first time in my life, I was identified with a race...for the first time...I was discriminated of my birth! And even now, after a busy day, my mind is still numb!

(For clarity: I am a South Indian and the owner is a North Indian)

The electrician and ...thinnies


Something happened to my fan, and it was not running/rotating or whatever, so I called my house owner, who in turn called an electrician.
The guy came, after an hour or so, he was thin, pale, short fellow with bright eyes....he repaired it.instantly...and we both have same names,and we went on talking and talking, from fans to cell towers to the house owners...
It is something creepy now, as I look back, that we became so friendly in just seconds....
I am not new to these firefly friendships, but perhaps it is their short span than enthrals us...
Now, this incident happened long before Ramdhan, then he turned up again on Eid, just to say his greetings...Q8!

And talking of other guys back at the college, all are thinner than me, and no one has specs -- so the first impression is I am a nerd....sad! But there is one guy, called M, chubby, dark but has sharp features with very curly hair and lazy eyes...now M gives me all sorts of uncomfortable feelings in the class, but I can't actually say uncomfortable, he looks at me fleetingly, staring at me when I am talking to other but he never talks to me. Its odd and rather you-know-what!!! But yea, I am enjoying all that...

"Ode to autam and yapples"


Yep! Yp u got it! It is yet another WTF blunder of my English Prof.
This time, it is with something more respectful, The Ode to Autumn by Divine John Keats....
So his version is here for you:

Seazon of mistz and mellow fruit-fullness
Cloze bausom-friend of the matuuring sun
Conspiring with him how tew load yand bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch-eves run;
Tew bynd with Yapples the moss'd cottage-treez,

And it went on and on, until we reached the word "o'erbrimmed" and he said "O" "ER" brimmed - does anyone know what it means???" I didn't say anything, not even to my friends...nothing...I was o'erbrimmed with remorse...or worse...

Well, the complaints, I heard have gone against him, (I didn't complain) at least I assume cause my Vice Principal had said something that meant "...to send away those (profs) who aren't good, we first need better ones..."

So...I am waiting....

Change...you can't see it coming...change...

My love for Shobhaa De


It was five or six years back, when I first found Shobhaa De's book in an old carton full of books.
Something made me read it. I didn't understand the book then, but I read it...till end

After her, I read many Indian authors, older and senior and better than her but I still love Shobha De the most. My dad and his literary friends criticized me and her...they apparently find her writings erotic than needed, exaggerated and unrealistic...but I find them full of life...life that is hidden from the open society, dirty lives that we all live hideously...

Perhaps, my unreasonable devotion for this writer is the writerherself, than her writings...because she looks at the world in some oddkind of way, never restricting to the social boundaries is what thatkeeps me read her books...

Whatever, there are some things that are unreasonable, so is perhaps this.

As I recall, my first book I read was Sultry Days, then I didn't find any of her book. Until recently, while in Hyderabad, in an old bookshop I found Shobha's Snapshots (the previous owner of the book curiously scribbled "Woof! Too hot!" on the front page...I still wonder why...coz I never found anything Hot in it) along with her Speedpost, Starry Nights...

Apart from Starry Nights, I am clinging on to another thriller called Cyclops by Clive Cussler

Happy Birthday Mrs.Winehouse


Amy Winehouse turns 26 today, and of all the things I have to say of her, I only wish she will have a healthier future!

"Is Tolstoy a man or a woman?" My English prof asked!


"Is Leo Tolstoy a man or a woman?" my English prof had asked this question...as he genuinely never knew!

I was sitting in the first row of students and I couldn't hide my anger towards such an ignorant fellow. Honestly, I was hurt. I mean, Leo Tolstoy is someone who everyone knows (at least those who are into English) as he is generally regarded as the greatest novelist.

And here I am being taught by someone who doesn't know Tolstoy's gender! Had he been a chemistry prof or zoology one, I could have overlooked but English is his profession and he asked such a thing!

I don't like to consider myself someone who holds more knowledge than the English prof, but it is his ignorance and non-curiosity towards his own field of profession is something that infuriates me.

The other day, he was lecturing on  W.H. Auden's "The Unknown Citizen" and trust me I could not understand a thing. He merely translated the poem into Telugu (my mother tongue and is used extensively in college when English fails to reach the common students)  stripping  the poem's beauty and meaning.

It is almost shameful to share such a thing, because back in Muscat, I was taught by an old man (pbuh) who is highly conversant in language and literature and spoke so elegantly....

Of course, I did talk over the issue to my Dad (an English prof too), who asked me keep quiet on the issue and leave it to him until he realizes it all by himself
(and let me suffer till then)

The saach ka samna tag!!


From Raphael

The rules are thus…
You can only say Guilty or Innocent

Here it begins...!
Ever kissed someone of the same sex?
-guilty! I didn't put that question over there!

Asked someone to marry you?
-Innocent. I was asked by someone when I was 15! It was silly to think even!

Ever told a lie?

-Guilty, guilty, guilty!....unto "n"

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have back?
. :(

Kissed a picture?
I am not going to tell of whom it was!

Slept in until 5 PM?
Yes or more!

Danced on a table in a bar?
. no way!

Fallen asleep at work/school?
-guilty .
many times, while other slept for History & English, I slept for chemistry & physics!

Been suspended from school?
NO WAY! I am the Student Fabulous! Trust me, my teachers talk of me even now!!

Worked at a fast food restaurant?
I served at my neighbour's Gujarati Restaurant - when they ran out of workers!

Stolen from a store?
I didn't do it for me, though!

Laughed until something you were drinking came out your nose?
. ohhh yes. Once even rice grains...

Caught a snowflake on your tongue?
. It is my dream!

Kissed in the rain?
I am allergic to rain!

Sat on a roof top?
The one of my ancestral house...it was fun!

Sang in the shower?
I suppose it is some kinda addiction...

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on?
I have never been to the pool-side! The fear for water bodies developed after I got drowned in Qantab beach and had to be pulled out by Omanis...it was quite embarrasing!

Made a girlfriend/boyfriend cry?
Not as much as the other made me!

Shot a gun?
If I use a gun in future, it would be to kill a incessantly noisy nasty dog of my neighbours that keeps me awake at night...

Donated Blood?
-innocent! I was rejected - dunno why though!

Eaten alligator meat?
-Innocent!!!!!!!who made this question

Still love someone you shouldn't?

Liked someone, but will never tell who?
-Guilty. If I keep telling, I keep losing'em!

Been too honest?
I am known for that!

Kissed someone you shouldn't?
the best kisses are those when you kiss someone whom you shouldn't!

Ruined a surprise? 
-Innocent! I always have a strong temptation to ruin..

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you couldn't walk afterwards?
Guilty...ad infinitum! Every time I walk out of my favourite restaurants, I struggle to reach the car!

Erased someone in your friends list?
I just let them be there...

Dressed in a woman's clothes [if you're a guy] or guy's clothes [if you're a girl]?
. when I was a kid...
But I liked Robbie Williams in She's Madonna so much! ;)

Been told that you're handsome or beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said?
-Guilty. but now, I think I am ugliest one alive...with dark tan, oily pimply skin...flaky hair! Ewww!

Had communication with your ex?
-Innocent. I slammed the door!

Got totally drunk on the night before your exam?
-Innocent! Expect me to be so, if I fail my exams


Everyone's tagged!

thanks to Blogger for fucking up my format! I hope some evolution takes places in this and copies what it is asked and not what it wishes to in its own way!

The salt-less diet


IT is the new craze down here. Ask anyone, they will tell of a million reasons to stop eating salt. In fact, eating salt is now considered as something compared to eating with hands in the western world.

But the diet is simple: Cook everything without salt, and less amount of oil.
The real mess begins when we taste what we have cooked for especially  Indian cuisine demands a minimum level of salt, chilli and oil...remove them from the food..it is better to starve.

So, the diet comes with salt re-placers like groundnut powder(?), dried cabbage powder(???), til seed powder...pomegranate seed powder (??????) to add taste and nutrition to the food. Chillis are also expected to be avoided and the diet lays importance on consumption of various vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, fruits mainly papaya.

This diet's proponent, Dr. Raju - who conducts various programmes to promote naturo-pathy and this diet claims that even diabetes be brought under control. He says that weight will be 'healthy' as there will be no 'fat' loss but the excess amount of water that is stored in the body will be eliminated because, salt retains excess amounts of water in body.

He also recommends various 'cleansing' methods of gut - some call for natural laxatives, to reduce weight.
All is good! The weight loss is fast and easy when the diet is 'strictly' followed but then once we stop, the weight gain is also equally fast.

My cousin brother who weighed 93 kilos at the start took this diet and in 3 months, he got down to 75 kilos - his dedication to this diet is awesome and he in fact improvised it by adding loads of fibre, vegetable juices, and salt-less recipes.

And here I am jumping, jogging, skipping (meals also) from last 4 or 5 months and having lost just 13 kilos...
But me taking up salt less diet is almost impossible with my mom staying in India with me...she openly refused to cook without salt and she insists that salt is crucial for ion balance within the body - a complete removal of salt can put the body into dehydration and ultimately weaken the metabolism.

There is truth in her words too...because the sodium is important in nerve impulse transmission as well as an important mineral, the deficiency of which can cause dizziness and cramps...

So I am hanging between a lucrative diet and the risk of screwing up my nerve....

(Pic source: http://www.cychefs.com )