My notorious new year resloutions


The new year, we enjoyed and revelled at the start of the new decade of the life. For me 2010 brings in my 10th year in Oman and I am glad that I am in Oman for that.
Now, to the resolutions which I generally end up keeping and sticking to...I only came with the normal ones...I warned you!

1.Become an anorexic
Enough of weight loss. I have already mastered the scales. Now I am being extreme and aiming for the Size zero. So that calls me to drop around nine dress sizes. I don't care if this is unrealistic but definitely I am gonna try. (kiddin)

2. Get to know my profs
I really don't know many of the profs who teach me. An entire year has been going around, I never kinda noticed them properly. It was always their annoying monotonous voices that echo in my mind. SO this year, I think I am going to really bond with them.

3.Join a Hotel management course 
And become a really good chef! I am quite serious about this, though my parents do not want me to become a chef..they although are convinced that I cook well!

4. Learn how to play Veena
I don't know if you know what a veena is but it is really beatiful music instrument that is common in South India. I am hunting for a proper music teacher.  And I am not going to stop at that, I will record those videos and upload them to youtube...hehe

5. Examine the biodisc to the fullest
I have alrady posted of this and now I am interested to find if all its claims are, now this IS a resolution coz I am going to use this for the whole and record my difference,

6. xxx
I wish to not to disclose this until I have accomplished now...we all have secrets, right? I will spill the beans only after March....


Gill - That British Woman said...

A Happy New Year to you. I nevermake new year's resolutions, as I never stick to them, so good luck with sticking to yours.

Gill in Canada

Anonymous said...

What is that secret?

Which March?

Be a good guy.

Blogger said...

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