Oh yea! You HATE fat people eh?


Check this link

It is one the sickest things I have seen...I am in heat.....What the fuck does he think?? We are a minority??

We hate fat/obese people because:
1) fat/obese people are attempting toportray themselves as a legitimate minority group who is being"unfairly" oppressed, effectively trying to put themselves in a contexttraditionally and reasonably reserved for groups who have no controlover their personal characteristic in question (race, sex, etc.). Thefact of the matter is that a person's race, gender, ethnicity, and sexhave no correlation with their personal choices. Indeed, beingfat/obese is a personal choice and is not a situation that a person canbe simply born into/with, because it is caused by a combination of poorfood choices and lack of exercise, along with a lack of will to knowone's self and adjust behavior accordingly. In recognition of the factthat all individuals don't metabolize food at a uniform rate, and thatsome may require more exercise than others to stay physically fit, Isubmit that the general lack of will is the primary sign of filth andwretched contentment.

Dear Dyhanji,
What the fuck do you think?? We are a minority?? Guy ! Get it, more than 40% of the people out there are fat...we are no minority, in fact you physically fit ones are the minority group!And what did you say?? We are a cause of our wrong choices??? Do youhave any fucking clue what you are talking about?? How do you expect usto take blame when most of our bodies are a result of geneticalmake-up! I can't recall any God giving me a choice of a buffed body anda fat one!

2) being fat/obese is in no way similar or comparable to personalcharacteristics that aren't the result of ignorance, lack of will,and/or poor personal choices. For this reason, fat/obese people shouldnot be unconditionally tolerated like a person's race, gender, sex,ethnicity, etc.. Verily, obesity and fatness are comparable to personalcharacteristics that actually DO result from poor personal choices,lack of will power, lack of knowledge of self, and general ignorance.Obesity and fatness are directly comparable to the most abhorrent humancharacteristics, like racism, sexism and discrimination based onethnicity, gender, or any other personal characteristic which is not aresult of personal choice, lack of will power, lack of self knowledgeand control, ingorance, etc

ABHORRENT characteristic?? Let me tell you, I sometimes wonder, if the world was filled with fat lazy people like us, it would have been a much peaceful world. We won't fight like you people do. We don't have stupid adrenalin rushing in our veins making us do foolish acts like you do!

3) being obese/fat comonly results in rational self-loathing and socialalienation because poor physical form represents: - poor reproductivepotential, poor decision-making skills, unwillingness to acquire andapply personally beneficial knowledge, gluttony, selfishness, and more

And what fucking problem do you have if we are fat and if ourreproductive systems can't produce?? And trust me, what you think thatphysical appearance is all it takes to live a life?? Have you made anyresearch that fat people lack brains?? I have never known any muscular person named as the most intelligent on the Earth on the other hand, there are people who are no way thin worshipped as geniusses? What do you say of them?
So in the end we want civilization consisting of self-aware individualswho take responsibility for their own actions and adjust their behaviorin lieu of knowledge that stands to benefit the individual and society.Gluttonous contentment and decadence leads to "ends." The perpetualpursuit of positive transformation of self and society leads to "newbeginnings." Our choices are clear: Use our collective knowledge andpersonal will power to bring about a procreative renaissance for ourspecies....or continue to ignore our most pressing issues and disregardthe progress we've made, rather than use the tools we've developed tospearhead problems which threaten our existence and potential for abetter future. (????????????)
Admittedly, this is a vague and incomplete answer to avery broad and provocative question. I hope the current and would-bemembers of this group can help fill in the blanks. aut viam inveniamaut faciam

Yes, I accept that there is always a wish in our minds to be thin and become all way muscular like you. And yes you are right on one thing,we are stupid because we are being stupid of being dragged into your narrow view of life that only looks at muscles and blames without ever reaching the fact that we too are human with feelings and emotions. Think before you write, it hurts us!


Stimulus said...

Hi Bobby

It's my first time here, and I read the link, and I'm sorry to say that I do somewhat agree with the guy!

Of course excluding obesity due to genetical/hormonal issues, in general obesity IS due to bad choices.

And I don't think he meant you in the article - He meant REALLY fat people.


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