Power napping frenzy


I have a very different outlook towards sleep. Either I sleep through out or I am completely awake through out the task. But I never had a habit of sleeping in the middle of doing something. But now that I have come too dependent on aspirin/avil for induction of sleep and caffeine on deduction of sleep, I decided to learn how to power nap!
Any internet addict when wishes to learn something we hit into "wikihow" and so did I. Of course there was an an article on power sleeping and it was very informative!
So here we go:

1. Choose a place to nap -- (this gotta be my couch nothing can beat it)
2. Have caffeine before nap (this things really keeps you relaxed! It seemed to work on me)
2.5 Set an alarm
3. NAP

I did so, I chose my place, set an alarm for 20 mins (and since I am guy who loves to hit snuuz button I kept it faraway from the couch) and drank my coffee and slept...

but alas I woke after a heavy sleep of 3 hrs.
I think I will go back to my aspirin-coffee life cycle!


Oman's Collective Intelligence said...

I love power naps! I think the trick is not to sleep too much. For me a 15-20 minutes nap is great, it recharges me completely. Shame i have not been able to take one in years!

Anonymous said...

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Little Miss Princess said...

Power naps dont work for me! coz when i sleep i end up sleeping at least for an hour and sometimes even 3!! lol! i can never sleep for 15 minutes! my power nap would be 1 hour and that isnt a nap!! :) lol!
and in muscat i studies in ISWK!!which is in wadi kabir :)

Gill - That British Woman said...

I have been sleeping for ten hours at a time these past couple of nights with having this horrible headache. I need at least 9 hours sleep a night to function well.

Gill in Canada

Little Miss Princess said...

You have been tagged!! :) http://sonshus.blogspot.com/2010/01/12325.html