Dad suffers a stroke!!


"Your Dad suffered a stroke" The words made be blank when my neighbour called and said to me just 3 days ago. He asked Mom and me to urgently come to Muscat. But that wasn't simply possible because my passport is in renewal and it may well take another 2 months before it comes to me. On the other hand, Mom has never flied alone.

We are, moreover 12 hours away from the nearest international airport - Hyderabad...with no local plane leaving immediately. Soon, Mom and I boarded a train and reached Hyderabad. All this time, Dad was unconscious and doctors had little hopes over him. He was admitted in to Royal and already his friends are visiting him and updating us with stats.

The flight was on next day afternoon, the left time Mom used to pray to God along with my Uncle and Aunt who reside in Hyderabad. While I was confirming with agencies of times and hunting down some good cardiologists just in case if Dad decides to return to India.

Finally, just before Mom took off to Muscat, Dad recovered, he even talked to us. This was such a relief to three of us. My Uncle and I went to the famous Shamshabad Airport to send off Mom. We both spent the rest of the afternoon in the airports cafeterias and bookshops*  shopping books and drinking espressos. I learnt we both relax same way, over coffees and books. 

Dad is fine now, but he may have to undergo operation - details I am yet to know. Finally I am just so so grateful to have such good neighbors like Kishore uncle, Alka aunty, John uncle, Yasmin, Wilson uncle....each one is a great being for they saved the most precious person of my life.

Family doesn't need to be a mob of blood relatives, it can also be those people out there who just have a good heart. Then, the whole world becomes your family. And I am so lucky to be part of such family.

* In my next post, I will write of the books I bought and an interesting event on way back


Raphael said...

hope he has a speedy recovery.
my prayers with u

Hamid said...

Peace be upon you.

May Allah(swt) give him good health and turn his illness to goodness.

Anonymous said...

Whole world is a family, no doubt about that. Many times neighbours and friends prove to be reliable than blood relatives... Anyway, May God help your dad recover soon.

Gill - That British Woman said...

praying for a speedy recovery for your dad.

Gill in Canada