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As I said in my last post about books, here we go:

The books I bought at airport are just four but I grabbed some books that I had been long wishing to read:
1.Train to Pakistan by Khuswant Singh
It is a historical novel which depicts the partition of India at an angle I am yet to explore.I haven't started this book as I really want to study it, not just read it.

2.Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
I was thinking of reading this one from long time but never had time to. I forgot my copy in Muscat, so I had to buy again. I read it. And as someone said about this book, it doesn't give reader anything, nor asks for anything. Whatever, the climax was nice and I really liked the kchidi of philosophy.

3. 100 Short Stories by O.Henry
Who doesn't love O.Henry and his surprising twists. 100 stories might seem something impossible to read but lemme tell you, its nothing when you start reading it. At the end, I despise I finished the book so early

4. Maharshi's Gospel
This book is about the famous Ramana Maharshi. Its basically a collection of very spiritual questions and their answer. Maharshi tackles every spiritual paradox with ease and leaves us with a clarity of life at the end. A must read for all the spiritual aspirants.  

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Raphael said...

i have the 100 short stories in my personal collection! though i havent completed reading it..

and is lost symbol any good?