Oh yea! You HATE fat people eh?


Check this link

It is one the sickest things I have seen...I am in heat.....What the fuck does he think?? We are a minority??

We hate fat/obese people because:
1) fat/obese people are attempting toportray themselves as a legitimate minority group who is being"unfairly" oppressed, effectively trying to put themselves in a contexttraditionally and reasonably reserved for groups who have no controlover their personal characteristic in question (race, sex, etc.). Thefact of the matter is that a person's race, gender, ethnicity, and sexhave no correlation with their personal choices. Indeed, beingfat/obese is a personal choice and is not a situation that a person canbe simply born into/with, because it is caused by a combination of poorfood choices and lack of exercise, along with a lack of will to knowone's self and adjust behavior accordingly. In recognition of the factthat all individuals don't metabolize food at a uniform rate, and thatsome may require more exercise than others to stay physically fit, Isubmit that the general lack of will is the primary sign of filth andwretched contentment.

Dear Dyhanji,
What the fuck do you think?? We are a minority?? Guy ! Get it, more than 40% of the people out there are fat...we are no minority, in fact you physically fit ones are the minority group!And what did you say?? We are a cause of our wrong choices??? Do youhave any fucking clue what you are talking about?? How do you expect usto take blame when most of our bodies are a result of geneticalmake-up! I can't recall any God giving me a choice of a buffed body anda fat one!

2) being fat/obese is in no way similar or comparable to personalcharacteristics that aren't the result of ignorance, lack of will,and/or poor personal choices. For this reason, fat/obese people shouldnot be unconditionally tolerated like a person's race, gender, sex,ethnicity, etc.. Verily, obesity and fatness are comparable to personalcharacteristics that actually DO result from poor personal choices,lack of will power, lack of knowledge of self, and general ignorance.Obesity and fatness are directly comparable to the most abhorrent humancharacteristics, like racism, sexism and discrimination based onethnicity, gender, or any other personal characteristic which is not aresult of personal choice, lack of will power, lack of self knowledgeand control, ingorance, etc

ABHORRENT characteristic?? Let me tell you, I sometimes wonder, if the world was filled with fat lazy people like us, it would have been a much peaceful world. We won't fight like you people do. We don't have stupid adrenalin rushing in our veins making us do foolish acts like you do!

3) being obese/fat comonly results in rational self-loathing and socialalienation because poor physical form represents: - poor reproductivepotential, poor decision-making skills, unwillingness to acquire andapply personally beneficial knowledge, gluttony, selfishness, and more

And what fucking problem do you have if we are fat and if ourreproductive systems can't produce?? And trust me, what you think thatphysical appearance is all it takes to live a life?? Have you made anyresearch that fat people lack brains?? I have never known any muscular person named as the most intelligent on the Earth on the other hand, there are people who are no way thin worshipped as geniusses? What do you say of them?
So in the end we want civilization consisting of self-aware individualswho take responsibility for their own actions and adjust their behaviorin lieu of knowledge that stands to benefit the individual and society.Gluttonous contentment and decadence leads to "ends." The perpetualpursuit of positive transformation of self and society leads to "newbeginnings." Our choices are clear: Use our collective knowledge andpersonal will power to bring about a procreative renaissance for ourspecies....or continue to ignore our most pressing issues and disregardthe progress we've made, rather than use the tools we've developed tospearhead problems which threaten our existence and potential for abetter future. (????????????)
Admittedly, this is a vague and incomplete answer to avery broad and provocative question. I hope the current and would-bemembers of this group can help fill in the blanks. aut viam inveniamaut faciam

Yes, I accept that there is always a wish in our minds to be thin and become all way muscular like you. And yes you are right on one thing,we are stupid because we are being stupid of being dragged into your narrow view of life that only looks at muscles and blames without ever reaching the fact that we too are human with feelings and emotions. Think before you write, it hurts us!

1...2....3...25 Secrets!


Sonshu - The Little Miss Princess has tagged me to write 25 random things,but I have added many of my SECRETS too! so here we go!

1. My first crush was my English teacher!

2. I have (secret) desire to become a hacker!
3. I suffer from a skin allergy around my chin.To hide it I never shave but confine to trimming!

4. I had a name, called Alisha! But dumped it in 10th!

5. I maintain a secret website!!

6. I cannot pronounce the word "Liril"! (Lilil)

7. I have an obsession with undies! (yes you read it right!). I love Jockey ones!!

8. I have a strange fear for old age!Wrinkles to start with!

9. I will never learn how to write in a straight way on an unruled paper!

10. I have a strange fear for both Maths and Physics!!

11. I hate gym but love muscles but for muscles I have to get off diet!

12. I love the smell of wet earth but I hate abhor rain!

13. I am thinking of having a piercing but where is not decided!

14. I cannot remember names!! Many times, I forget to my middle name!

15. I had given up watching the latest Hindi movies - To me they all look same! Unnatural! 

16. I hate (lets just say) I don't like Gandhi! And I always think of him being very political than spiritual!
17. I cannot pronounce "S", it always ends with "ssSh" Zee Lisshph! 

18. I have nearly 10 nicknames - Bobby being the most popular!

19. I swear I saw my Granpa (many times) after he died!

20. I am allergic to carpets - they give me sneezes but I love them

21. I can't stand seafood! The smell makes me sick.

22. I obsessed with clocks, I have atleast 2 in eachroom- incld'g bathroom!

23. I still love cartoon network! Of course Pogo!

24. I have a doll (yup! Just like Mr.Bean) named Jaune Dii! (very chic name! r8!)

25. I have no intentions of living more than 35 years! (I am serious on this! I would rather be in the box than  come'g out of it! And I hope it just happens like I wish!) 

Now, that I have done with my list (it took me 2 days!!), I am supposed to tag 25 persons but since that would be crazy I tag the following : Mrs.Cush aka AIO,Nadia and Raphael

So what are waiting for tell us your 25!!

Power napping frenzy


I have a very different outlook towards sleep. Either I sleep through out or I am completely awake through out the task. But I never had a habit of sleeping in the middle of doing something. But now that I have come too dependent on aspirin/avil for induction of sleep and caffeine on deduction of sleep, I decided to learn how to power nap!
Any internet addict when wishes to learn something we hit into "wikihow" and so did I. Of course there was an an article on power sleeping and it was very informative!
So here we go:

1. Choose a place to nap -- (this gotta be my couch nothing can beat it)
2. Have caffeine before nap (this things really keeps you relaxed! It seemed to work on me)
2.5 Set an alarm
3. NAP

I did so, I chose my place, set an alarm for 20 mins (and since I am guy who loves to hit snuuz button I kept it faraway from the couch) and drank my coffee and slept...

but alas I woke after a heavy sleep of 3 hrs.
I think I will go back to my aspirin-coffee life cycle!

The weight pendulum


My mom almost dropped her coffee mug in the morn as she heard me scream...she popped in to ask what the hell it was with me...
I was staring at my new digital scales and in anguish and anger that I shouted to her "I wanted to jump on them"...but what did they do?

Those new glassy digital scales weigh me down to grams and it has become as common as for a women to look into her purse-mirror...I jump onto these things, every half an hour or so - before coffee -after coffee, before lunch - after lunch, weigh at the morn and weight at night! Gosh! This ritual happened until mom and dad suspected that I may be suffering from Body Dismorphic Disorder (even I didn't get it first but it actually means you are too body concerned - like Paris Hilton!)

Finally, I learned that I gain around 500 gms by day and lose around 300 gms by night. From the time I came Oman, I haven't been exercising, not even walking!
Every evening I think of heading out, bring my sneakers to my sofa, sit and realise there is remote under me and you know next minute I will be on cartoon network - eventually my sneakers are pushed back to their rack!

The only walk I have done after coming here is to that foodstuff shop - head straight to the fridge and grasp few bottles of moussy or some non-alc beer and head back..at times with a few bars of galaxy ( I love the hazelnut ones) and bless God for my parents are loving my indulgence -- in fact my dad said that I look like a fox!! ( I took as a compliment though!)

But today, I have gained a total of five..yes FIVE kilos (bless those buttery sweets) and so I felt really down and ate few more bars of galaxy (I do so when I am extremely depressed) before I remembered there is a dusty exercise peddler which was conveniently snuggled into home's dark corner...

Now - I have placed (strategically) in hall (so that I get to see TV) with a goal to pedal down the gain...but now that is so cold..I convinced myself that I needed few fat layers for warmth!

The pendulum swings back!

Philosophical Idiocy


I just stumbled (yes, at 1 AM in screen lit and dead cold place I am surfing) into a blog of a very spiritual guy, his recent post under the heading "New Year Resolutions" contained these words...

Don't search for the water,
just get thirsty,
so that the water may arrive,

just as the cry of the
newborn babe
brings the mothers milk.

Tell me :How the fuck will the water know I am thirsty?

Where is Wadi Kabir?


We all know what Oman is...and perhaps many know where Wadi Kabir is and how it looks..
I have been living in Wadi Kabir since 2001...when I was 11 years.
I grew up at this place and many have come and gone to this place. Except a few, many who have and stayed there for a few months and move to other place and completely forget about this place.My family is among those few families who have known what Wadi Kabi was

Back in the past, Wadi Kabir is one of the most peaceful places in Muscat. With majority of Indian expats living, it was filled with children, families and a completely harmonious view of life.
The Omani families are really friendly...we used to play with thier children. Over the years, many expat families have left the place and owing to this the Wadi Kabir has slowly turned into a bleak place.

Many new buildings rose..higher and higher. The new habitants to these new buildings came in groups....seeking their careers in those big malls of Muscat..
The messy lifestyle of these people became a symbol of Wadi Kabir. With these, the local bars got worse and people from all over Muscat started visiting Wadi Kabir for two things: One, for drinking and peeing in streets after that, secondly for girls.
The (in)famous school at this place too had played its part in getting the bad name, the school has turned messy every year and now it has become enough messy to not-to-be called as a school.
Every time, I meet my old friends we recall those golden days at that very school..wondering if it was the same school.
Now, at Wadi Kabir...I find new dustbins added at street ends, more baldiyah (municipality) workers struggling to keep the place clean..yet no matter what they do, they too know that Wadi Kabir is no more and every day we are losing.

Bobby's top 10 obsessions


I got the idea from this blog to post about my top 10 obessions! So here we go:

10) Walking:
Living in Wadi Kabir which is equipped with 2 large platforms have made me love walking. This is my most recent obsession coz I am behind shedding my pounds as fast as possible! So I am out there at night...

9) Yoghurt
I love it! I am addicted to it! I can have yoghurt with anything like orange to noodles. I have yoghurt in every meal of the day. And I think, I know many recipes with Yogurt than any other thing.

8) Keychains
I have already talked about it. But yes I love key chains and I am sure my mom will dump them if I buy them anymore! I have them filled in jars now...

7) Multiply.com
Isn't every teenager addicted to these socializing sites? I am no exception. I don't sit with the sites for full day but yes I visit them almost everyday! I like Multiply more than Facebook and Orkut, I love this site coz of the frnds I have in this site..they are special!

6) Aspirin
I love aspirin! It somehow induces sleep! Don't ask me how it happens chemically but I live on it when my insomnia goes beyond control. I always have a strip under my pillow. It is so much effective and I think preventive for many other diseases

5) Tech Magazines
Oh yes! I adore these mags! I try my best to get them here if possible or else I get them  from India where they are a lot cheaper. My favourite include Chip Magazine, Digit, Tech India, T3..........I love them all, though the CDs which come with them aren't always genuine...

4) Vista
I dunno how many are using - I love it! My uncle intalled this into my laptop and I just love it! Unlike many say, it never troubled me or my laptop - if you know how to use it - you can love it better than XP. And now I have no reason either to degrade to XP. I have tred Win7 but it was rather gaudy so I reverted back to my Vissy!

3) Coffee
I can have it every hour of the day! can't live without it! I am the only one who drinks coffee in my family so imagine the resistance I get from my family members - tea drinkers! My fave is cappuccino and I sometimes like Espresso - but not always.

2) Blogging
It is not even a year finsihed after I started this blog, I love blogging like anything. I of course have many blogs in different sites, which are read by different (kinds) people. Muscat Insomniac is the one that I spend much time on and I love reading blogs also. Though I can't say I am good at commenting.

I know..I know..this is rather effeminate habit but still...there are many men who love gossiping and I am no different. Men gossip it is just that we call it chatting or enquiring, but trust me they love as much as women do if not more! But I have keep this obsession in control coz it consumes much of time. Live curious! 

My notorious new year resloutions


The new year, we enjoyed and revelled at the start of the new decade of the life. For me 2010 brings in my 10th year in Oman and I am glad that I am in Oman for that.
Now, to the resolutions which I generally end up keeping and sticking to...I only came with the following....er...not normal ones...I warned you!

1.Become an anorexic
Enough of weight loss. I have already mastered the scales. Now I am being extreme and aiming for the Size zero. So that calls me to drop around nine dress sizes. I don't care if this is unrealistic but definitely I am gonna try. (kiddin)

2. Get to know my profs
I really don't know many of the profs who teach me. An entire year has been going around, I never kinda noticed them properly. It was always their annoying monotonous voices that echo in my mind. SO this year, I think I am going to really bond with them.

3.Join a Hotel management course 
And become a really good chef! I am quite serious about this, though my parents do not want me to become a chef..they although are convinced that I cook well!

4. Learn how to play Veena
I don't know if you know what a veena is but it is really beatiful music instrument that is common in South India. I am hunting for a proper music teacher.  And I am not going to stop at that, I will record those videos and upload them to youtube...hehe

5. Examine the biodisc to the fullest
I have alrady posted of this and now I am interested to find if all its claims are, now this IS a resolution coz I am going to use this for the whole and record my difference,

6. xxx
I wish to not to disclose this until I have accomplished it....now now...we all have secrets, right? I will spill the beans only after March....