Losing Myself


More than 2 months passed....I returned to India, (though it seems it was eons).
I really wish I can have more time with all those things I used to do...but the pressure of the exams is killing me. The finals are less than a month away. As of me, I think I am trying to keep all the efforts I can...added to this, the fact that I am living all alone is taking a toll of me.

May be after a month or so, I think I can loosen up and be back to normalcy. Of the exams, the preparations are on at both home and college and my profs look like big leeches sucking life out of the students...(yeah I know it is for our good!) I really never expected that an exam of such small magnitude can be so potential that it almost made my life standstill.

Alright! I will keep on whining until my exams are over, so leave it! I am kinda a stuffed up now and perhaps with tinges of fear and insecurity. I know this too shall pass...

I am not that stressed but I will be soon. But I am used to as stress will make me perform better...(yeah, you see I really don't know what I am talking!)

Of  other things, I didn't cut my hair for long and it is down in curls...which is really good...plus I lost some more weight...just 2 sizes down...but I really look more sick than thin! :(

I am really missing all your blog and posts but I make sure I will catch up  very soon!
UnderCover Dragon, really sorry for you man, that Omantel blocked ur site!